Immature and vile tirade from Fitch !

We agree totally with Calvin Cardoza & Spokonzaga’s comments ….

“I’m unsure if Chuck only has the mentality of a criminal or true psychiatric disorders that’s associated with it. I have never seen a grown man behave in such a way, it’s like a child stuck in a grown man’s body. I still don’t know if he should be thrown in jail directly or get help because he’s sick minded.” 

Spokonzaga’s response…
Both should happen. He is mentally ill from the last 4-5 years of complete immersion in himself and his shill and identity fraud operation. He is a danger to all future people online and anyone who browses the web and who do not understand the person they think they are dealing with.

The vile and immature tirade from Fitch on Joe’s picture below renforces the above…

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