More Fear Tactics by Fitch!

The delusional mind of Fitch continues… Can you believe that he has the audacity to say and “Eye for an Eye” and claim this latest stunt  (instilling fear to anyone that dares to fight against him) is direct “retaliation” for articles posted on this site (information that is public domain). Folks, this site and its content were constructed years after Fitch started bullying, blackmailing and scamming. You can see from the articles posted here (and on the many other sites) that this is what he has done to others for years.

This is all part of his game to make people afraid to fight back. It’s very simple Mr Fitch – this site would not be in existence if you did not harass, bully, blackmail people – and until you stop sites like this will continue to appear. It’s way too late to start throwing the victim card now – way too late Fitch!! The world can now see for themselves the type of vile & sad individual you actually are – and of course you don’t like it – you’re an absolute hypocrite !

As for the $200 – this is just an embarrassing and desperate tactic – Folks this man would not pay you a dime – just as we know for sure that if we dropped a hammer it would certainly fall to the ground – this type of absolute constant applies to Fitch when it comes to parting with what little cash he has.

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