Kudos to the owners of the site www.michiganclassicarcades.com !

We give Kudos to the owners of michiganclassicarcades – this is another site against the antics of Fitch – here’s an excerpt from the site – remember this was created way before this one – check out the following…. sound familiar !?…

Lets take a look in to the mind of this “genius”:


(1) Chuck has scammed people. This is a fact that can not be changed or altered or denied. Chuck Fitch HAS SCAMMED people. Want info regarding his scamming activities? Check out ANY of the arcade forums (KLOV, BYOAC, COINOP SPACE)… hell, he’s likely screwed people at the neo-geo forums and maybe even mameworld. He claims that every one of these forums is “tainted” and “out to get him”. We are all the problem. He is not. Yes, he’s delusional.

(2) Chuck lies when the truth sounds better. He’s pathological. He will lie to get out of a lie. His entire existence seems to be based on a “House of lies”. It will crumble. You can’t continue to lie and lie and lie and expect no repercussion.

(3) Chuck is a hypocrite. He likes to put down other people based on their weight and hair style when it’s been established that he is a severely obese individual himself. While no one has seen a face shot of the guy, based on the sausage-like fingers and rump-roastesque forearms seen in a photo of the guy, he’s quite massive. I’m guessing he’s likely the not he most hygienic guy based on the fact that I could knit a quilt with this guys arm-hair alone, but i admit, that is merely conjecture.

(4) Chuck has a child’s mentality. Think about it. The ENTIRE COMMUNITY at multiple forums are the problem, not him (according to him). Really? That’s perhaps the conclusion a child may come to. A child who’s not learned the definition of personal responsibility.. A child who has a lot of growing up to do. Now, it’s believed that Chucky is a 41 year old man. There is no excuse for a 41 year old man to be behaving this way. It should be embarrassing to the guy, but because he’s still a child mentally, it’s not. Frankly, it’s kind of sad.

(5) Chuck has no idea when he’s lost. NONE. He has no idea of the fact that he’s become a massive joke to the community of which he claims to want to serve. He thinks by opening a new attack website (ARCADEINVESTIGATIONS) that he’s somehow landed a blow when in fact all he’s done was provide more fodder for the community to point and laugh at. He refuses to accept the FACT that no matter what BS made-up crap he put out there, NO ONE BELIEVES HIM. No body. Hell, at this point he could post the absolute truth and no one would believe him because HE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and has lied so much in the past.

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