Same old Tirade from Fitch

Fitch is now saying that our friend Joe is responsible for all his recent ‘attacks’ and it’s all simply because Joe disagreed with Fitch regarding eBay & PayPal. As you can see he cannot conduct himself with any decorum – just vile rants from his basement!

Folks, Joe did actually oppose Fitch when he started getting ‘orders’ from Fitch to block YT users and it was revealed that Fitch was telling everyone that Joe was on Fitch’s team – Joe assumed Fitch had ‘issues’ so he blocked Fitch and moved on…this clearly upset Fitch, and it’s painfully clear to us that he certainly could NOT move on…

A few months later Joe decided to tell his subscribers his place of work and the business he was in since he was asked many times. Unfortunately, Joe had no idea that Fitch would still be stalking him…

From that point Fitch posted YT videos on Joe’s business, slandered Joe, made a frivolous report to the BBB, continually purchased Joe’s eBay items – did not pay – then reported Joe to eBay. This continued for many months (on and off) – when Fitch became bored Fitch attacked Joe.

Eventually Joe like any normal person had enough and started to fight back on YT – we saw this and many other similar crimes by Fitch so S.I.F.T was created – we decided that Fitch needed exposing for the vile, disgusting, scammer & liar he actually is.

We are no longer going to play tennis with Fitch – he can post whatever he wants and try to intimidate people with his ‘list’. The bottom line is no one cares what Fitch says – he’s just a petulant child throwing a tantrum!  We shall continue to post ‘on topic’ articles about Fitch, we no longer need to rebut his ramblings – the last few posts on this site clearly show the type of man he is – anything more is unnecessary.


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