Fitch’s real voice exposed during his scamming

Check out two new videos added to the Fitch Video section here – These videos have been converted so their audio format is changed to that of normal speech frequency and as you will hear this is the same voice of FITCH – you can now hear the video where he called up eBay to defame Joe and his latest deluded rant about Joe and others who have opossed him – we can do this to any of his videos – so it’s no pointless for Fitch to continue disgusing his voice – it sounded silly anyway !

Note: Beware of your own sites – Fitch will examine the source and steal code from it and then claim he is a ‘code slinger’ – yeah right ! Anyone can plagiarise code – It’s frequently symptomatic of a lack of programming competence and experience !! Thankfully this site has been designed not to expose client side code for Fitch to steal, however, when we did – guess what ? Fitch stole it and he used it on his site – fantastic ! – It’s compulsive for him and shows that Fitch has no imagination, no skills or credibility – he’s so predicable !

The term ‘cargo cult programmer’ (Fitch) applies when an unskilled or novice computer programmer (Fitch) copies some program code from one place and pastes it into another place, with little or no understanding of how the code works !

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