Breaking News !! Fitch (ebayisajoke) registers a DMCA claim against this site !

Today we received a registered DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claim registered by Charles Fitch. He is claiming that we stole “his” S.I.F.T. logo – LOOOL !

Can you believe his audacity? He actually stole the said logo and name (he bought it as a domain name too) from this site (by using a screen dump) and rendered it on his site that was created days after this one – absolutley incredible – In fairness, we have been expecting a stunt like this from Fitch for some time now. 

We considered challenging the claim, however the act states that the host company must take the site down for 14 days to give Fitch time to go to court and defend his frivolous copyright claim – which, we know he cannot nor would do – you see, that would expose him to a court and also would cost him a hefty sum in litigation. 

Since we need to keep the message about Fitch and have many supporters who are now contributing often, we decided to simply change the logo to EAF – “eBayers Against Fitch”. 

By all means Fitch, register that domain name for your next site  – we dare you…… 

Fitch has our old logo on his site (who cares) – it’s obvious it originated from this site. It shows exactly how Fitch tries to get his way – by scamming, lying and stealing!!


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