Two new videos added to bullying/Harassment/Fraud – Fitch (ebayisajoke) video page

We have added two new videos that have been contributed to us. Please click on the images below to view this page – the descriptions speak for themselves !


Mr Fitch (ebayisajoke) is trying to obtain funds on the back of the recent Boston bombing. This man simply does not care how he gets his money or who he tramples on to get it.

Quite honestly we were not surprised in the least that he would sink so low – it’s to be expected – it’s who he is! 

Here are just a few of the tags he used for this video. boston marathon,boston terrorist attack,news boston marathon attack,boston marathon explosions,two finish line explosions,terrorist.

As you can see he as attracted many views by using these tags and has been voted down by many too!


As expected and out of desperation Fitch(ebayisajoke) actually submits a frivolous report the the FBI’s IC3 department.

Not only is this criminal, it’s also unbelievably hypocritical, but hey we are not surprised nor are we bothered, it simply gives us more evidence against Fitch.

He cannot help himself – and he is hoping that his continuous bullying and harassment of Joe Demarco will make us stop – Joe has categorically told us NEVER to stop reporting his crimes! 

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