Jason Decanio interviews Joe regarding his stalker Charles Fitch

Joe a guest on the Jason Decanio show talking about his cyber stalker Charles W. Fitch.

As expected Fitch stated he would not even listen to the show, yet in classic Fitch style he could not stay away (he cannot help himself, the old narcissism at play) and he trolled the guest chat area (See the video description).

Fitch (ebayisajoke) also claims that he got the interview removed after reporting Jason to UStream – WRONG ! – We anticipated he would do this, so we backed up the interview.

NOTE: Fitch made a second DMCA claim against this site a few days ago – stating that he has copyrighted his YT vids – BOTHERED – So instead of playing the DMCA game with Fitch we decided to close this loophole that he loves to exploit – a typical criminal uses systems inplace to protect law abiding citizens for his gains i.e. to stop us publishing facts about him – another FAIL – Mr Fitch!!!

He also states AGAIN that this site has nothing to do with him – LOOOL – We won’t even bother responding to that ‘desperate’ claim !

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