More Fitch (ebayisajoke) intimidation & lies

Fitch (ebayisajoke) is making further threats to get this site taken down.  After several attempts by him making DMCA claims Fitch knew that US ISP’s are obliged to take down site for 14 days and after this a court order is required to keep it down – if this does not happen then the site will be back up.

Since we don’t want the site down for a second (never mind 14 days) we have now moved the site where DMCA’s are not relevant. So now Fitch is claiming that we are publishing people’s personal information – we are REPOSTING ONE person’s details that is on the internet in many places (we have captured a screen shot from one site).

Now if you look at Fitch’s site he is posting information about several individuals where it is NOT public domain (along with slanderous comments) – notice the hypocrisy folks! Using his deranged logic – why is his “U.S.” hosted site allowed to stay up when he is clearly breaching the hosting companies ‘abuse’ conditions – shouldn’t we insist that ‘HostGator’ should be banned from the internet too (as he is with our host) – the difference is we would not even waste our time even making such ludicrous threat – its an absolute nonsense !

Here’s just some of the privacy violations & unfounded slanderous statements taken from his site. If he found their personal address details he would not hestiate to post and blackmail these individuals as he has with Joe & Jason…

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.32.51
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.27.04
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.33.24
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.33.56
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 13.34.40

Fitch knows that DMCA’s will no longer work his (ONLY) weapon he could use – so now he is doing the personal informaton claim – well we are simply posting what is already on the web. All other information is ether Fitch’s own rants or facts taken from others who he has scammed.

He also claims Charles Fitch is not him, yet ebayisajoke has spent weeks trying to get this site taken down – WEEKS – why ebayisajoke (Fitch) ? What is this? Do you stalk Mr C. Fitch too ? Why on earth would you send emails to us from ebayisajoke YT channel claiming that you will sue us for publicizing YOUR personal private (which it isn’t) information, asking for us to remove this website and you will STOP going after joe’s business!

Message from ebayisajoke

“if he removes all the sites and stops slandering me in his videos, I’ll remove everything and stop going after his business, but if he keeps this up, ebay/paypal will catch up to his negative cloud on the internet, and they don’t like that shit, they will shit can accounts based on a risk to the community. We know it happens everyday”

Here’s a comment he left for us (quality grammar) – we think the subsequent comment by “themindfulmonk” hits the nail on the head !


 All this effort when it has absolutely nothing to do with you – my god, you are absolutely insane – what are you now – the www police protecting an individual you do not know – WOW!

Note: We have been offered several hosting offers for this site – so stop wasting your time – while you are defaming, bullying and harassing – this site will stay up – we will re-host it a billion times to keep it up – you fool !

 You must sue us Fitch – the host (as you are so fond of pointing out) are not the internet police – they are not responsible (check your own ‘DMCA Counter’ doc) – so Fitch sue us ALL !

In reality his public address reposted here is not really relevant anymore – it’s on many sites on the web – what is important is the consolidation of damming  information including ebayisajoke’s own videos and collective information regarding his bullying and scams – we can give the authorities his address regardless if it is on this site or not!

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