ebayisajoke (Fitch) messages to Joe

ebayisajoke has in the last few months been saying in comments and his videos that he is not Chuck Fitch, has nothing to do with the arcade scamming or business, and is not a bully, scammer, fraudster etc.

Well here’s just a tiny selection of messages ebayisajoke sent to Joe. These were saved when Fitch started becoming volatile, however at the time Fitch was sending Joe many PMs every day for months – he was obsessed with Joe and he clearly still is!

Here Fitch openly admits to setting up ‘stealth’ and providing it to others by receiving ‘donations’, admits his connection to MCA which is run by a Chuck Fitch in Michigan and he even talks about the weather in Michigan – we believe it’s time to stop with this futile and silly ruse!

Note the desperate pleas to Joe to give Fitch a shout out, well this continued and Joe got sick and tired of the constant ‘orders’ to block users and remove their comments from his videos.

Well Joe did not respond and blocked Fitch after the very last PM below – that’s when Fitch turned nasty and started trolling, bullying, threatening and harassing Joe with all his Fake accounts and has continued consistently ever since.

These PM’s were sent around Q2-3 last year and as you will see some are quite friendly – but that can change rapidly (and DID for Joe) if you do not stay friends with Fitch and block him – he goes literally insane !

We advise his sidekick to read these messages – he’ll get treated just the same – if he has not been already – that would explain the ‘rats’ behaviour!

  Sorry ebayisajoke (Mr Chuck Fitch) Your silly game is up !

chuck message2

chuck message4

chuck message7

chuck message19

chuck message8

chuck message9

chuck message10

chuck message11

chuck message12

chuck message14
chuck message15

chuck message17

chuck message18

chuck message16

Update 05/20/13 : Fitch (ebayisajoke) is claiming all the above has been made up by ourselves.

Just for completeness, here is a screenshot of one message page where ebayisajoke (Fitch) messages Joe several times – but hey, we have made this up too – infact YouTube have helped us by sending Joe these messages, and the ISP have also helped by sending the notification and a copy of the messages to Joe’s email account  – WOW – Joe obviously has a lot of clout with these organisations – Sheeesh – grow up Charles (ebayisajoke) – even if we had a image of you taking that foolish mask off in your basement – you would state that we have made that up too – YAWN!

Click on the image below to check out his latest delusions about his messages – note he still has to combine his rant with a tirade of abuse!



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