Michiganclassicarcade.com Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) old scam

This page is dedicated to Fitch’s old scamming site MichiganClassicarcade.com. There are numerous complaints by individuals regarding this ‘business’ on this site, links from this site and on forums and sites on the internet.


Fitch (ebayisajoke) has gone to great lengths to remove himself from this business, however, we have been given historical screenshots and a pdf document that Fitch wrote advertising the ‘business’ (scam). In the pdf you will see that it is ‘owned’ (no pun) by a Chuck Fitch from Michigan.

Now, Fitch will say via his ebayisajoke persona is not him – however, even with all this linked information all over the internet – we have created a new section giving you 100% proof that ebayisajoke is Chuck Fitch who ran MCA, and created ‘Stealth for use on Amazon and eBay – See the section ‘Chuck Fitch (ebayisajoke) messages’

Note – He took PAYPAL – more hypocrisy by Fitch (ebayisajoke)

Here’s his PDF document promoting the sca…oops…’business’!!


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