More on Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) Location

Note: This page is related to Fitch’s old location in Canton – his new location is in latest news.

Another page in response to ebayisajoke (Chuck Fitch) denying that he is not the individual (Chuck Fitch) this site is about….

In addition to the many pages in this section that now prove that ebayisajoke is Chuck Fitch from Sandhurst Street, Michigan – We now have more evidence that verifies that Charles Fitch and ebayisajoke live in the same area – Hmmm – perhaps they are the same person – well we know this for a fact, but this simply supports all the other evidence.

A screenshot from one of his ‘on the road’ videos ebayisajoke uploaded shown below (at the start of his journey) – as you will see, the junction in the screenshot is actually (confirmed by google maps) the approach to “Warren Road” from “N.Lotz Road” in Canton Michigan – approximately 0.3 miles from Sandhurst Street which was his suspected address, but we can now reveal that this is his confirmed address.

Also there are many landmarks he passes in the video that match this area of Michigan!


fitch tr l2



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