Fitch’s previous S.I.F.T. Site (April 2013)

Here you can see a snapshot of Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) site taken last month (a few weeks after our first snapshot) for the authorities to view.

As you can see the depravity, lies, rants and slander along with perverse and deranged images – he is clearly not normal in the head.

We have removed the videos since the majority are on this site now (censored) and also the various malware items linking to his scamming businesses – it’s all supposed to be about how he is being the victim and to provide info on ‘US’ – however there are more ads to his fake businesses than his ‘facts’ – Hmmm really sincere – he’ll try to make money on the back of anything – as we have said before – regardless of who he hurts, bullies and defames!

BTW – This is the worst rendered HTML code we have ever seen.

Please do not view this page if you are under 18 or are offended easily! 

Updated Last 4/24/2013

Site will be down Momorial day weekend for it’s conversion to WordPress

E_b_A_n_G_e_D – G_r_O_u_P

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They like to flag our videos because when we oust them in the public they don’t like it, so they flag our content on youtube so we now will be posting our videos that may violate youtube’s terms on this page so check back often for new content added daily about these screwed-balls. These guys don’t have a life and don’t have the capability of making money other then ebay so they watch the ebayisajoke channel to find out how, still they don’t have the skills to do it, so they try to shut down the ebiaj channel.



Hubcapjoes has been uninvited to the Vegas Party.


Ebay Seller HubcapJoes may be in big trouble with Ebay.

Videos By Pricewars

This section is dedicated to Jason Dacanio of Florida

This guy masturbates with older men in hotel rooms
All the information you have on this guy send to me please.


Ebay seller id HubcapJoes Doesn’t Ship items to Customer Proof

Ebay seller Joseph DeMarco of Oradell NJ, calls CEO John Donahoe a scumbag.


Ebay seller hubcapjoes of Oradell NJ, tells people to file fake paypal chargebacks.


This video shows ebay seller id hubcapjoes shilling his friend’s ebay seller account paulc4575.

hubcapjoes seller id is shilling up a friend’s feedback, a guy from St Paul Minisota that also posts on his youtube channel. This is calculated seller fraud by both sellers to boost up their feedback ratings in order to get rid of low DSR percentages and keep their top rated seller status and discounts. Minutes after paulc4575 lists his item, hubcapjoes comes in and buys the item. This is a risk to the ebay community.

Ebay Seller ID: paulc4575 sells hub caps to ebay seller hubcapjoes cheap to get positive feedback:
Paulc4575’s youtube channel:
Ebay Item: 321080172082 Price $25

Then Ebay Seller ID: hubcapjoes gives Ebay Seller ID: paulc4575 positive feedback:
Ebay Item Number: 370775875132 Price $175

Clearly a blatant display of seller fraud..

Image Proof of both accounts:

Report this to ebay over the phone when signed on to your account else they will not take the report.
You can signup using a new ebay account so that you don’t put your key account in jepardy. You can also email, I’m offering a free watch set to whoever gets these accounts closed.

How to bring attention to a shiller on Ebay, the quick way.

Below crazeenydriver commits a felony by trying to get people to file fake fbi reports on people, please report this to the local NJ, NY police authorities and the FBI. We have reported him for inciting others to file fake FBI reports in which a few user accounts have claimed they have filed per Joe’s directions so based on that information we believe we have the right to submit an actual IC3 complaint for him cyberbullying, defamation and slander. We place links and plug our blog in each of our videos, in no way did we ever solicit any payment for anything in the video. Joseph DeMarco is clearly and outright using defametory and liblus statements. We have reported this to the FBI and asked the FBI to instruct him to cease from doing this. He is abusing the website and it’s resources and were requesting $100,000 in restitution for these remarks by Joseph DeMarco.


Read below for the next crime he is trying to pull over on the state of NJ


This video below shows how Hubcapjoes LLC, Joseph DeMarco of Oradell, NJ is selling used vehicles either on Ebay or from his commercial lot without being Bonded and without being properly licensed by the DMV in which he is breaking the law. Please show us your license to conduct this sort of business Joseph. Joes home phone number ends in 29, we will be releasing soon along with his home address.

More evidence that Joseph DeMarco is selling vehicles from his commercial lot

Video showing Hubcapjoe’s parking lot and him admitting to selling used vehicles on Ebay

Surety Bond for the State of NJ cost is $10k – Used Car Dealer License is $15k
An additional $5k Insurance policy is also required for Property Damage.

Breaking the law is apparently easier and cheaper for Joseph DeMarco.

Contact the NJ DMV and file a complaint with the licensing division at 609.292.6500

Were gonna keep an eye out on Ebay for the new hearse he bought, hey may not list it because he would give away his auto seller ID. But it’s a good thing he bought it cause he will be burying his business soon.

We can’t find these guys listed at Ebay at all, are they sanctioned to even hold Ebay Motor seminars?

Proof of Licensing Information
Surety Bond Information

Joeseph DeMarco’s other Ebay Seller ID = piecebyepiece



A Great big fail by Lonley Hubcap Joe DeMarco – Joe, how come you can’t get the video views that I get???
The envelope appears to be one of Joe’s return item Ebay envelope scams.

Printing post marks is against the law and carries a 10 year sentence.
Sorry that Ebay no longer wants you at their Party to speak in Vegas, might be because of SIFT.


Breaking news, hubcapjoes sells hubcap shaped Toupee’s

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Gay Joe cries like a baby when getting butt fucked by Jason DeCanio Radio Lard Ass

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Hubcap Wars between Molly and George

Molly’s Ebay Competitor George finds a hubcap on the sidewalk, ha ha
He’s gonna try and list it for $50 after hubcapjoes cleans it for him..

He pays people from CL also to steal them and then he buys them for like $2 bucks each, he’s profiting off crime. Just look at the CL ads for New Jersey area. Send an email to and let them know ebay seller ID hubcapjoes is selling stolen hubcaps on Ebay. The more complaints he gets the more likley they will MC999 his ass. Apparently about 3 complaints went in already about it, so we would like to thank those supporters that came over from the crazeenydriver youtube channel to support us. We knew those of you would see through his lies and online fake youtube persona.


The Hubcrap – Screwed Team took their beatings well with proof.

You can now view our helpful online videos on our back up channels at:

Learn How To Drop Ship Amazon to Ebay!

The girlfriend of Ebayisajoke finally reveals herself.

Photo provided by CatorsSportsCard of Youtube

Questionable daily sales odities from seller id hubcapjoes

In this video he cons you into thinking he doesn’t shill bid on his own auctions, however the video below proves that he supported and condoned item shilling of the Ebay Pirate in 2009.

In this video I OWN JOE FAT FUCK DRIVER on things he has said in the past. He may pull down all those past videos on his youtube account or un-list them so you can’t see them but the truth can’t be hidden my friends. I have exposed this fat fuck for what he really is. His soul endeavor is to attack EbayisaJoke simply because he has marketed himself on youtube as anti Ebay and Paypal like no other, and also in this video he claims he is not on youtube to attack people.

He is caught in his past video supporting stealth by supporting our old friend the Ebay Pirate, a stealth user. He can’t take back what he has said, you all should now unsubscribe and disown this clown and come over to Ebayisajoke’s side to support my cause because this HUBCAP FAILsMAN is nothing but a Ebay Paypal rotten prune faced sell out. When Ebay comes across this page, they will shit can his seller ID quick. Ask yourself what is a Pirate? someone that steals!! CNYD promotes stealing on EBAY!! OWNED BIG TIME



No where in CNYD’s video does he state that he doesn’t approve of such stealth activities in fact he promotes the Ebay Pirate so Joeseph looks like complete idiot right about now. You watch the Ebay Pirate videos to judge for yourself.

Click This link below to view crazeenydriver’s selling record on Ebay, which has been covered up by Ebay and Paypal executives.

Photo provided by GatorsSportsCard of Youtube

The men you see below post people’s personal information online, so we have decided to do it to them to see how they like the free publicity.

For more information on Joseph DeMarco – 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ Ebay Seller ID hubcapjoes

Joseph DeMarco is a member of the New York Historical Society and used to work for the Highway Administration Division as a road bug until he went on disability. This is why you see him with a yellow vest on in his road videos.

We found out Joseph has a record in Albany County

Joseph Lives in the Bronx. His IP address is, Decimal:1129727641, ISP Hostname Server:, his area code is 718, postal code is 10462, Joseph lives right near Tremont Ave. Feel free to explore. I’ll post his house address here soon.

New Update where Joseph DeMarco Tells people to file Paypal Chargebacks to defraud someone selling sunglasses, We were given a private email by someone that knows a Tony at Paypal Trust and Safety, his last name will remain private and he has been notified of this fraudulent activity. This guy can’t blame anyone but himself for losing his selling privileges. All he has to do to make it all go away is remove the sites he has put up.

Report Ebay Seller ID: hubcapjoes to for Paypal fraud

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$200 cash goes to the guy who can get the following youtube accounts shut down, paid out using a USPS money order and made out to cash. All I need is an address to send the money too. The accounts have to be shown as suspended with a terms violation through youtube. Arcade Components
Spokonzaga Pete Collectibles Seller Failed Bloated Pickled Pig Face

If you have been placed on this hit list, oh boy I feel sorry for you, any supporters of spokonzaga and crazeenydriver may be placed on this list at anytime. Ask yourself is it worth losing your adsense revenue over a bloated hubcap salesman that likes to post people’s personal information on the internet, I don’t think he likes it done to him at this point yet he still won’t quit, so this is in retaliation. An EYE for an EYE.

Spokon-Fuck-Face tells us how he really feels, btw thumbs up if you think this guy is a alcoholic cause he sure looks like one. This guy has scammed 37 people out of sports cards and has over 400 negs on his seller ID. He is also wife abuser, and doesn’t pay his child support.

Spokonzaga no longer sells on ebay because he cannot hold the required dsr ratings, he is no longer able to get his discounts!

Ebay Suspension Forums Ripoff Report

Learn How To Drop Ship Amazon to Ebay!

Here is my response to this jackass hypocrite

I am offering a reward to you if you can get the spokonzaga or crazeenydriver youtube channels flagged and removed, I’ll send you a free his and hers watch set

This guy’s youtube channel is spokonzaga and goes by the name Pete and tells people he’s an Ebay TRS that sells sports collectibles and hats. He posts people’s private information online as well so if you have any information on his last known address please email us he is considered dangerous and may reside in Spokane Washington. This individual has a criminal past and has had at least one personal protection order filed on him along with a DUI in his past history.

Notice To FBI – This kid is a Youtube Hacker

Matthew Davis or (Blake Davis) possibly from the Morris Township or Nutley New Jersey area and has an account with Tmobile, that has also been using the name of Zachary or Zach Solomon or Zolofstra and drives a red Kawasaki 650r Ninja, recently seen driving to StarBucks as of late, and is a Youtube Hacker using various accounts like thebosstrs, and mattzolo. He used to be a cash crate affiliate. If you have any information such as his last known address please email it to info(at), this guy has got to be the most ugliest person on the web, and no wonder he hides himself in a hoodie and doesn’t show himself on youtube. He knows he has been owned and caught by the master code slinger, and Matthew’s mom was emailed yesterday regarding her son. I’ll be releasing everything soon on this guy. He is a laptop computer seller on Ebay and may have recently just been put down by Ebay from ever selling again because of his scammy sales record.

Blake’s Youtube Accounts Hit List Flag as often as you can!

Offering a major reward for his ebay seller id and he seems to love the logo he wears on his
shirt and maybe using it on laptop forums, any information is greatly appreciated.
We think he operates in or near the Nutley, NJ area.

We know he is from NJ because of the license plate on his motorcycle.
We were able to match the graphic with the NJ plate grapic so it’s confirmed.

What he looks like now, what a stupid fucktart.

If you know who this guy is, or have any information on him please send it to info[at]

The BOSSTRS and who he really is, he’s a hacker and stealth seller on ebay and hypocrite, you can clearly hear is voice in the video below, after we downloaded this video he removed it from youtube and there is proof of that. He works for a computer store and uses his boss’s office while he’s away to pretend he owns the store. He even admitted to us that he had no brick and mortar and but sends us a photo of the store with the name blocked out. Very inconsistant type behavior and scammy.

This video above was removed after we downloaded it, is he hiding something? This is the worst cmd hacker I ever saw, he doesn’t know dick. He should also use the products the store sells so he doesn’t have to type with broken keyboards. BTW I would fuck this nerd up.

My Trainer Sends a Clear Message to thebosstrs

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