More threats and intimidation from Fitch

As usual in predicable Fitch (ebaisajoke) style he goes into his classic threat mode – Fitch is either abusive, threatening, vulgar, or insane – great qualities & the infamous hypocrisy !

He’s now saying that Chuck Fitch is ex-military; yet he sent messages to our host claiming that he is Chuck Fitch and he has just moved to the area, when that did not work he sent a message threatening to put the host on – and in the exact threatening wording he sent Jason Decanio the same format of emails, just like many members of the arcade community, and to Joe with his fake layers letter that he insisted was real – that was months ago – where is the subpoena Charles ? 

The only reason this site is hosted outside the US is to avoid the silly and desperate DMCA claims that ebayisajoke initiated to get the site taken down for 14 days – we know he would not be able to pursue it any further since he has no money.


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