Fitch (ebayisajoke) threatening the arcade community

This section is to show Fitch (ebaisajoke) threatening, lying, slandering several members of the arcade community – one thing that you must notice is the exact style (MO) as he does with Joe and his latest victims. He always threats, blackmails, then slanders, lies and becomes vile and disgusting – folks he’s been doing this for years to anyone that dares to stand up to his scams and bullying – he’s an absolute discrace.

Everything below is Fitch posing as himself, WE (it’s just him alone), fake reviewer, fake investigators etc.

All this information has been submitted to the authorities – the M.O. is identical!

The link below contains numerous posts on the arcade forum, as on this page and the YT community the users were getting bullied, threatened with legal jargon – it’s amazing this grown man has got away with his antics for so long. We note that one of the members hires legal council to serve a restraining order on Fitch (ebayisajoke) – it seems that this is the only language he understands ! (Legal Action)



We received notice from sources that the following web forums/people above were served with cease and desist letters for slandering various arcade online businesses. We have obtained the documents that prove they were served on those dates and failed to comply with the request. The attorneys representing the parties in these cases and in other non-related cases have been listed below. The address of KLOV is misrepresented in the fact that the address is actually a coffee shop and not an apartment building. Paul Lisy seems to be getting the mail there for Mr. Mclemore. (update) We have actually obtained through our investigator (Michael Shwep) Greg’s real home address and a phone number given to us by a KLOV member that will remain un-named.


$500 REWARD for <censored> or sg6970’s phone number and address in Michigan. I will pay this paypal to anyone that can give me information on who sg6970 or sgtsmackaho (AKA <censored>) is. If you have done business with this person or sold something to him from ebay please email all information to watkins3752 (at ) your information will not be given out to anyone so you can rest assured that he will never know who gave him up. Once I verify his information I will send payment very same day. All information pertaining to this guy is appreciated such as websites, ebay accounts etc etc. His last known address we have is <censored>, MI but apparently he is affraid to pick up his phone at <censored> please let us know if you know this guy, someone wants to serve papers on him.


3/23/12: Apparently DOKERT has written a thread on KLOV about the owner of MCA accusing him of cyberstalking, the thread is kind of funny to us because knowing the laws and how they work, Mr. Dave Okert doesn’t have any claim against anyone. He says in his thread that stuff printed on this page is evidence when the owner of MCA doesn’t even own Arcade Investigations. We are a third party independently documenting the crap that these people spew of the arcade community that likes to try and defame people’s businesses such as the actions of Dave Okert of KLOV. His own thread really goes to show you how much of an idiot this guy is and how he likes to start drama. First of all we conducted our own record search of Mr. Fitch and found that he has no record on file with any authorities nor does he even have as much as a traffic ticket so claiming that the guy has been cyber-stalking you, man I hope you have hard concrete evidence to that effect because you could be brought up on defamatory charges for those statements. I personally think Dave Okert (williams harnesses and donkey kong harnesses of klov) really shows his true colors. He couldn’t keep his crap shut before so now he’s all mad when others talk about him. We should post the old video of him and his crappy harnesses just to show everyone what an idiot this guy is, I’ll save it for later tho. Dave Okert (DOKERT) nothing but an idiot and it’s too bad that out of 60,000 sperms his was the one that made it through.

3/7/12: Many people have posted aliases and names, or names of so called ebay accounts or email addresses that someone has possibly used which there is nothing wrong with that. After careful research the names posted on Klov that claim to be Mr. Fitch’s accounts are not his accept for one ebay account and we found it had all 100% feedback with over 50 current transactions. It has become our finding that after looking up even the ebay accounts that those accounts do not even have bad or negative feedback. Further more it is the individual’s right to remain anonymous on the internet weather that person is selling or buying it is not a crime. The accusations made by some of the arcade community collectors are made with false poster ID’s, or ID’s that do not conduct business on the major arcade forums. Fake posting ID’s only prove that those parties are trying to slam or take down someone’s business because they are in fear that their business will be hindered by the competitor in some way. When Mr. Fitch began MCA, they were going to make cabinets for people but due to shipping restrictions it was not cost effective to provide that service according to MCA. So when MCA began to advertise those parties that would have been direct competitor’s of MCA or Mr. Fitch felt that their ways of making money would be threatened and that is why there is a labored attack on MCA. Those individuals like “cheffo jeffo”, “sgtsmackaho”, “mclemore” and others clearly love to start drama with outsiders of KLOV to try and deter their own customers from coming over to the new supplier. We have found through our investigation that MCA is an honest business and gives great deals to it’s customers. Many of the collectors that sell to buyers in this hobby are very rude and provide crappy service to people, even on ebay. People like Atlanta Arcades for example – Poor customer support, get the money and take off kind of attitude (their ebay feedback speaks for itself). After our investigation and looking over all the threads on (KLOV) Posted about MCA we found there was no credibility nor proof of any wrong doings committed by MCA. Also, if you notice MCA doesn’t respond to anything posted on KLOV and that is because they took the high road. Mr. Fitch told us that he doesn’t respond to the childish behavior because none of the users on KLOV that love stiring up drama in the feedback forum have any credibility or proof to what they accuse him of doing. “Klov is nothing more then a black eye on the arcade collector community” Chuck says and he’s right! We would advise anyone that is looking to do business with MCA to go ahead and do business with them because we found nothing wrong and they are respectable and honest. You can clearly see that they do this with another company called “Ram Controls”. These people like “Dokert” and others bought stuff from this company and now claim they didn’t get their parts or money back when we found that they did get their parts and they are just looking for free money. The company clearly went through a change and they still slander and defame them. The “MO” of the klov (vaps) people is to slander and defame everyone they feel is a monetary threat to their “OP” business.

We looked up Greg Mclemore’s 501(c)3 (International Arcade Museum) application and while it apparently is listed as active, using paypal to collect funds may be considered money laundering if he has not filled out the proper 1099K at Paypal. If you suspect this individual may be committing some type of tax fraud simply visit the PDF url below to file a complaint with the IRS so they can investigate where your funds are actually going. If a listed charity is taking money for donations they need to be both transparent on where the funds are going and the account number listed with the 501(c)3 must be the account number the funds are being deposited into or taken from. (NOT PAYPAL) depositing funds into a paypal account then using the funds for your pleasure is a violation of the 501(c)3 IRS tax laws. None of that money should be used from the PAYPAL account, however can be used from the bank account on file with the IRS and 501(c)3 application. Unless the individual (KLOV) VAPS can disclose and make public his paypal account records on his Tax Charity page on you should think twice before making any donations to this charity. Line items from the account should be disclosed or printed and placed on their website for everyone to see. For example if you were donating to cure cancer and found out your money was being used to buy classic cars that charity would be shut down.

sg6970 = <censored> (klov/CoinOP) of <censored>. (slander/defamation of character)
<censored> has a police record in MI, he is also listed on the Wayne County list of sexual offenders.
sgtsmackaho (klov) = Arron Patterson of Lansing, MI (slander/defamation of character)

frizzlefried = asshatarcade, Information received as of 2/20/12 – remove all your threads on Klov about MCA and others, it is in your best interest.

DOKERT = Dave Okert (VAPS) member, Michael L purchased a Donkey Kong replica wire harness from this big ass clown (Dave Okert) and when I got it out of the box it didn’t work properly, I messed with it for a while thinking it was my setup and found that the pins were not correctly soldered. Dokert sent me an email telling me to stop posting about him because he didn’t want other people knowing about this situation. Kinda sounds shady to me that he would want to cover it all up. He then started posting stuff about me (also wanting my information) and my business everywhere. I have proof of that (Klov) just read the threads. This is why you shouldn’t do business with dokert (klov) because he will start posting about you if you ask him for a refund. He is shady. Buyer beware, and remember you get what you pay for. Your better off finding an original harness off ebay or something rather then buying one off this turd jerk. Larry Dover also bought a harness from dokert and when he noticed that it wasn’t complete, he tried getting his money back also and dokert (harness maker on klov) wouldn’t refund it to him, he sent dokert many emails and no answer. Dokert uses paypal so I wonder if paypal has suspended him for non performance! – remove everything on klov about MCA and others, it will be in your best interest not to do business with him because this guy is a stalker and retard. And he may just post your private information and slander you all over the web. Dave Okert looks like a child molester just do a google search and look at his face on Klov. It will be in Dave’s best interest to delete all his threads at this point and we will remove our comments, grow up Dave (all threads on klov must be deleted about MCA) else this offer will never be valid again after 24 hours.

TOM GRIZZARD = Atlanta Arcades, a total fuck up with bad feedback on ebay, can’t satisfy his customers and lists arcade games and pinballs that he doesn’t own using internet photos. “atlantaarcades” has police complaints filed against him for treating people through email. Buyer beware. We have his address and his police record on file along with emails to prove he is guilty of harassment.

MCA was never on the bad trader’s list at Bob Roberts SG6970 = Shane Ritter is making that up to discredit the owner of MCA. He should stop with his pole smoker because he looks like a dip shit again. <censored> just likes to slander people and now that we have that evidence captured we actually have more proof to send to MCA about the case that’s being built for <censored>. What a fag ass tool. I’d like to also know from sg6970 (<censored>) how you can speak for someone’s good or bad intentions, and how you can prove who he has screwed over in the arcade community other then the postings your going to quote on klov of yourself posting it. <censored> by the way has a nice long traffic record. I can elaborate on that another time. <censored> you still live <censored>?

sg6970 <censored> accuses MCA of shilling his auctions and leaving himself feedback on ebay which is not true, (considered Slander) we have proof that his ebay account has good feedback because actual purchases were made from all real buyers and not from shilling accounts as Mr. <censored> suggests. If he can’t prove what he says I think KLOV should remove the following thread:  <censored> and if they don’t they are (Greg Mclemore) KLOV – Arcade Museum, is in fact also guilty of slander for allowing such unproven comments to remain on his forum once again proving that Greg Mclemore (Arcade Museum) has no credibility or pride for his hobby, and the forum is a continued joke for the arcade community in general. It is very easy for ebay to find out if someone is shilling or leaving themselves feedback. And according to MCA’s account (auctions) all items were purchased through buy it now so how could there be any shilling? Maybe Mr. <censored> or sg6970 doesn’t really know the meaning of the word “Shilling”.

channelmaniac is a gay ass duchebag and can’t repair shit, he takes your money and gives you another busted board back!.

Hi my name is Dan Lukert I bought a Williams harness from the guy your talking about Dave Okert (Dokert) from Klov a Williams harness and it took me 6 weeks to get it. When I got it the Molex connector looked like an old used connector. I asked Dave Okert about it and he wouldn’t return my emails. I noticed you’re users had other problems getting harnesses from Dave Okert also so I wanted to send you this email!. (VAPS) member, KLOV User ID…. (I’ll leave that out) but I had trouble with the harness and tried sending it back to him, he didn’t want it so Michael Lerndon from Klov wanted it so I shipped it to him. He also had a problem with it. It’s a shame this guy is scamming people now.

Mystery of the hand has been solved apparently it’s Tighe’s (queer) hand from KLOV (VAPS) (watch for the negs bitch):

Dokert = Some pussy ass bitch thinks he is an expert in arms. Good thing, cause he isn’t an expert in making wire harnesses that’s for sure. Also would you wanna do business with Dave Okert (DOKERT) Klov VAPS – Arcade Museum member that goes around the feedback forums and slanders people and starts drama all the time. Maybe this is why Paypal suspended his account and he takes money orders and cash for his payments cause he is a loser that got his paypal (dokert) account taken from him much like most of all the other arcade collectors do in the hobby.

Moomert1 = bad trader, Hello AI, I purchased a Galaxian board from moomert1 a long time a go from him on ebay, the board didn’t work, then a few days later his ebay account was turned off, I tried emailing his paypal account and he wouldn’t answer, then called paypal and found out his account was also suspended. I finally found his personal email address from KLOV ( and emailed him about the problem, he said it wasn’t his issue and he never returned any more of my emails. I had to file a chargeback with paypal to get my money back, paypal finally released the funds to me for the board so I would never do business with arcade seller moomert1 ever again. His email response was measn, and I can see now he is an asshole by the threads he is posting in the feedback section of KLOV. He claims that his ebay account at the time was in good standing, but nobody closes their own seller account and because he owed money to paypal, ebay shut him down, it wasn’t that he closed the account. He now sells on ebay under a different name. Buyer’s beware.

ASSHAT ARCADE – Ask yourself why is it called asshat, because he’s a big ass and starts drama on forums with everyone (sgtsmackaho) from klov VAPS

Arcade Components – Sells junk, do not buy from this jack ass. CPU SRAM DRAM 74xx logic ic’s, doesn’t own the photos of his chips and ic’s. He slanders other sellers that sell the same items he does. And he wines about others selling a galaga renew kit on ebay.

 Messages sent by ebayisajoke (Chuck Fitch) – Same M.O. as Joe, Jason, Matt…


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gonna be my bitch now…


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All you ebay ID’s have been reported

sg6970, sg6975, sg6979, sg7970, sg6170, sg6972, sg970

I’ll have the others soon.


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tell ya what

meet me tomorrow at westland mall outside in the parking lot at 2pm, we can have a nice talk, just let me know what vehicle you’ll be in and anything you got to say to me you can if you got the fucking balls bitchboy fagot.


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instead of buying the game, why don’t you just stop buy and stop talking your shit on the forums like an internet tough guy..
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