Fitch (ebayisajoke) and his YT antics

Folks, let’s be clear – it’s very easy to flag a video on YouTube with a copyright claim – all this proves is YT is obliged ‘Legally’ to remove the video (this is also classed as a strike – and Fitch knows this) – as we know three strikes is generally all it takes to get a channel terminated, so it does not require much effort or collaboration.

Now Fitch (ebayisajoke) has constantly said he does not care about any of these videos – yet it is HIM who has filed the DMCA – so the usual lies by Fitch, but indirectly it confirms again that ebayisajoke is Fitch – something else “he does not care about” – yeah right Charles – your messages, locations, threats now DMCA’s say otherwise.

This is the only way he can get videos removed – HIS videos are flagged by many and are removed for serious violations  and you can see many examples of this on the numerous videos on this site.

There is a big difference in the complainant (Fitch) DMCA’ing – opposed to the YT communitty flagging his videos because they find them unacceptable, repulsive, and object to his scams, bullying and threats – and as we have said many times YouTube agree with them.

Fitch flags videos by Joe and others the instant they are uploaded – they are still up – now why is that…. no violation was found! 

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