Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) Personality Disorder!

This page shows the insights into Fitch’s disturbed mind.

We have also included an excellent video detailing the specific personality disorder along with examples of Fitch’s behaviour in some of his recent video attacks (above)

Warning!!! One of the videos by Fitch (ebayisajoke) has disturbing sexual acts by Fitch’s solitary sex aids & very bad language.

 If you have been a victim of Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) scams, bullying & manipulation PLEASE watch the first video describing the classic personality trait and then check out the other videos, articles and the rest of the site – you will see Fitch (ebayisajoke) has this very dangerous and disturbing personality – it explains a great many things and the video provides help and advice!

He’s also claiming that a reporter has written articles for him – again ludicrous lies – the only exposure to a reporter he got was when one attempted to contact him when he tried to scam the Detriot Mayor!

Please do not watch the video’s by Fitch unless you are over 18!

Fitch has responded to his OWN videos HIMSELF using a number of well known accounts made by Fitch (ebayisajoke) he’s deperate for recognition and credibility – this is the result !

Now we see Fitch (ebayisajoke) actually faking his own “victories” by claiming he has “bitch slapped” these users accounts – in reality they are still up or they never existing in the first place – if it makes him feel better – great! – but it’s all part of his narcissistic personality!

fake terms

Fitch is seen here using blackmail to get his desired results – by instilling the fear into his messages. Note: He still responds to his own threat by HIMSELF – it also seems he wants to end this “war” he started, but will only do so if he can keep the illusion of power – terms like “beg” and “mercy” indicate his egotistical lunacy & duality!


Here Fitch (ebayisajoke) is now making up lies to convince a YTber that “others” who are against Fitch are also against the user – this is desperation at it’s worst – he also did an aggressive rant video (see above) to intimate the user  – the idea of him loosing one of his few ‘followers’ – is immensely painful to him!  He removed the comments very quickly BTW!


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