New section added to “About Fitch” Personality Disorder !

We have added a new section to the “About Fitch” Category – this can be found by clicking the image below or below the “About Fitch” Menu item. This area describes the deranged mind of Fitch (ebayisajoke) and examples of his behaviour.

It’s quite incredible that this type of personality match’s Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) behaviour precisely – it just confirms that he does need to seek help – but this will never happen since one element of the psychosis is that it’s everyone else is to blame – he is innocent – the world is against me – err hello!!!!! – Why does everyone who has come into contact with Fitch (ebayisajoke) say the same things about him – they have never met and the incidents are months or years apart – this is the commonality that judge’s listen too!

If you have been a victim of Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) scams, bullying & manipulation PLEASE watch the first video on the page for help and advice.

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