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More evidence that Fitch is ebayisajoke. Look at this screenshot taken today 07/16/13 – it clearly shows ebayisajoke selling his audio clips harassing eBay – check out the copyright owner …….

It’s really silly; ebayisajoke can say over and over he is not Chuck Fitch – so are all these instances on this site and all over the web simple coincidences ? We think not !! 🙂

And it seems now that people know who he is, they are not impressed..

Charles Fitch’s Amazon product number 1, Ebay Is a Joke Phone Pranks [Explicit], has 2 new one star feedback reviews.

1.0 out of 5 stars The real joke is Charles Finch., August 14, 2013
Spend your money on something more worthwhile, like a subway sub or a movie ticket. Charles Fitch is a butt hurt low life who hurts legitimate business owners because he is to fat and lazy to be one. He should be in jail. I would rather give my money to pay for a study that looks for viable ways to resurrect hitler than buy this piece of garbage.

1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible, August 13, 2013
Complete waste of time, nothing here is worthwhile.

It’s just some obese no-life scum named Charles Fitch.

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