Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) new FACTS page

Folks, it’s here !!!  A complete list of ALL the FACTS about ebayisajoke “Charles W. Fitch”. We give kudos to our good friend who has compiled them all, and to Brian for the fantastic quick compilation video.

click on this image below to check out this fantastic new informative page


Also check out Fitch’s latest bullying video regarding Joe’s Twitter account – this video (also compiled by Brian) describes ebayisajoke’s lunacy.

It also provides more evidence that he is Fitch – that much no longer needs debating – if we drop a hammer it’s going to drop to the ground, Fitch can say over and over that it won’t – it does not matter – it’s irrelevant! Well the same applies to ebayisajoke constantly saying he’s not Fitch – carry on Charles – keep making a fool of yourself!

click here to watch the video

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