Fitch (ebayisajoke) inciting hate & harm

This is Fitch (ebayisajoke) now inciting harm to Joe’s YT by offering $100 for assisting with ebayisajoke’s quest to get Joe off YouTube. Presumably this also applies to attacks on his business like he has done many times before in the same way Fitch offered money to gain information on individuals (all documented on this site – and on forums etc) 

This is typical behaviour of a demented lunatic who has exhausted every avenue of removing Joe from youtube.

It’s very simple he’s publicly inciting hate towards Joe by offering funds to ‘harm’ his YT account.

And to be clear – WE have NEVER asked for money for help exposing and bringing Fitch to justice – everyone who contributes to this site are all volunteers. Not one individual has been paid for creating, working on, contributing or publicizing this site – it’s ALL down to the dedicated support from many individuals who are tired of Fitch’s abuse, bullying, scamming and extortion.

click on the image to view the video


 Just an accompanying video showing that the recent illegal ‘bounty’ on Joe came from Fitch’s site.

click on the image to view the video


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