New video captured by 101 re: Fitch (ebayisajoke) IP trapping

In this video Fitch (conversion) is bragging and telling “us” that he has blocked all of our IP’s so that we the “TROLLS (according to Fitch)” can no longer see his site. Well as you can “see” we can access his site without any HMA subscriptions at all. This is just as accurate as the ‘UK’ IP he thought that belonged to 101. The man is a complete lunatic, he is living on planet Fitch.

Also he is desperate to respond to 101’s videos by plagiarising his format – Fitch MUST to a similar response, he MUST show us that he is capable of doing similar videos. Very good Fitch, DO them – it shows you’re just a copycat “TROLL”.

Also he rants about 101’s  videos are scripted; of course they are – it’s about telling a factual montage of Fitch’s behaviour! Fitch claims that he does not do this, yet it you look at any of his videos (pre-sunglasses days) you can see that he is reading from his screen!

This video of his is all about control – Fitch MUST control ‘US’ in reality it’s his ‘perception’ that he can control ‘US’ (and anyone else he chooses) – he knows that we will watch his video – so it not about telling the world (he does not have the following) this is simply Fitch saying “I’ll show you” – even though it’s not TRUE, it makes him feel superior and strong!

click on the image below to view the video

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