Fitch (ebayisajoke) & his podcast chat – oops…”interview”.

Fitch has done an “interview” (an ego boosting exercize!!) to tell his site of the story with his latest YT “friend”. We will NOT mention him here, but this is a man who simply needs attention and needs to be somebody…. this situation provides him with ALL this. We acknowledge that this individual has done good work exposing scams on ebaymotors, but now he’s creating websites mirroring Fitch’s articles…. it’s absolutely astounding.

We have done nothing to this man, nor has Joe. All Joe did is not to respond to his PM’s in the “his” defined “expected” timescales and because of this he has joined Fitch slandering Joe on YT and creating several sites about Joe and others – generally mirroring Fitch’s SIFT articles – he’s obviously very proud of himself.

Since this, he has ignored everything “relevant” about ebayisajoke, his bullying sites, YT articles , and what he has done to Joe on eBay and BBB etc. He claims that Pete is an eBay employee and it is Pete who has “brainwashed” Joe and others to fight against Fitch. Well, it’s Fitch who has brainwashed this man, or what is more plausible, this man is FULLY privy to all the information, but does not care that what he is supporting is actually hurting and scamming people and destroying lives! He has said this is a “hobby” and with this “hobby” he’s helping to hurt many. He is blind to all the victims  on YT, eBay, amazon, arcade, adult entertainment, and watch communities – so long as this keeps “me” busy, and someone will support “me” – I don’t care what happens to anyone.   

Now, several topics were mentioned in the “interview”, mainly that he does not slander and now Fitch is saying he does not know if Joe is selling cars from his business. Folks check out the Fitch site links, he has a whole article about “Joe’s Vehicle” selling – click on the image below to see his old site.

I don’t slander people”

He also now admits that “he” sent the lawyers (fake) letter, he has stated several times, that “someone” has hired a lawyer to send a C&D letter to Joe Demarco – why has this lawyer not followed this through the legal process? No lawyer on this planet would have approved such an error riddled document.

Fitch also goes on to say the same old stuff, i.e. all he did was call Joe out on YT with his business details, he’s only on YT to help people and that Joe is the scammer, stalker and bully etc….you know, repeating the same old lies does not make them the truth – sorry Chuck, it does not work that way.

We can understand the “desire” to show both sides, the problem is the other side is a ton of lies, however, it’s for the public, and ultimately the law to decide.

Here’s an abridged version (below), and you are welcome to listed to the full 55 mins of spin – if you so desire 🙂

click to listen to the abridged version


Folks, this “interview” is the spin doctor at his best, however, he has not justified the many bullying articles and videos on his site, explained why the BBB video was written by him and posted on his YT channel (claiming spokonzaga made him do this), it’s his voice on the videos calling up eBay, and the eBay listing that he complained about was seen in another video of his. Folks, it’s too late, it’s all been captured – he can back peddle all he wants !

If we were Fitch, we would have this his latest “buddy’s” details all over this site, we would have his pictures manipulated, we would be calling him disgusting names, attacking his disabilities and his previous businesses and causes. This is what Fitch does to people who dare to oppose him – he trolls Joe’s videos and if any one comments, he will PM that individual with “facts” about Joe, if they dare to actually side with Joe and speak against Fitch – then he will threaten to “destroy” them on his site and his “lists” – many examples are captured and published on this site.

Now this accomplice of Fitch is doing this too – but we will NOT do this to him since he is being played by Fitch, and we are not like Fitch. We have tried to show him the facts, but he does not seem to care – in a way, he is as bad as Fitch!

 BTW Fitch’s last “friend” (Who we have also never mentioned) has now distanced himself from Fitch – this was his response – this will happen to Fitch’s latest accomplice – eventually, they wake up and see the truth, but Fitch will make sure he’s vents his indignation.


One very important point is ALL the articles about the industries he has scammed were published way before this site was created – Fitch’s bullying, scamming etc has been going on for years – ARE all these individuals lying ? They are ALL saying the same stories – and Fitch’s response is pretty much the same as he has treated his recent victims.

Also Fitch claimed that he was suspicious of Joe and knew he was hiding something. Well, the first point, it has absolutely nothing to do with Fitch or anyone else what Joe does for a living, if Joe wanted people to know back then he would have mentioned it; the reason he didn’t was because of what people like Fitch would do, and look what happened –  Fitch finds out his business and he goes on the attack. Secondly, Fitch was desperate for Joe to befriend him so he could gain popularity from Joe’s reputation and subscribers – you can see the messages he sent Joe below – it all started because Joe was tired of taking orders from Fitch, so Joe  blocked him (again this is old news) 


click here to read the full article about Fitch’s (ebayisajoke) messages to Joe

And finally Fitch made a comment aimed at Jason Decanio stating that this continued bullying offence would not be happening if he stopped making videos and stayed away from his keyboard (and a reference to Jason’s weight). The problem is Jason did “go away” after his interview with Joe since he was absolutely overwhelmed at the amount of hate and abuse from Fitch. Unfortunately, Fitch, after a few weeks decided that Jason had not been punished enough, so he put more articles about him on his site.

Now after the latest video Jason did, Jason feels he’s now said his “side” (something that Fitch seems to condone – “the other side”) and has told the facts about what has happened to him… the bullying, attempts to get his employer to fire him etc – Jason has had enough of this, and the recent website by Fitch’s accomplice has proven that Fitch and his friend will not leave him alone and they absolutely have no empathy for their ‘victims’. Jason has closed his account on YT…note: to maximize Fitch’s assault Jason’s friend has also been bullied.  


You know, one of these days Fitch will end up bullying a vulnerable individual (like the girl from the UK) and they (as many others have done at the hands of cyber-bullies) take their own lives. Would he care, would his “buddy” care ? We think not, they would say… “they shouldn’t have got involved”,”they were already unstable” …etc.. ANYTHING to convince themselves that what he/they did was justified. 

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