Fitch (ebayisajoke) the troll, stalker and opportunist!

Click the image above to see his latest “you’ll stay on my site…….forever” rant !

Note: There is an annoying clicking noise throughout the whole video – it’s rather nauseating !

Fitch’s notorious stunt is to contact Joe’s subscribers if they comment on Joe’s videos (any of his videos). So if you do decide to make a comment then expect a message like this… or indeed, sometimes when Fitch is in a bad mood, you could end up on the notorious ‘list” on his site –  especially if the comments are specifically aimed at Fitch (ebayisajoke) or at the very least he will threaten you with that and in addition he will ensure you’re aware that ‘your’ information will stay there (in his words) forever !!


: crnydriver info

hello, I noticed you like the crazeenydrvr channel but would love to inform you of the hypocritical inconsistencies that come from this guy in order to con his viewership on youtube. They have evidence of him committing eBay violations and how he really is with buyers and sellers alike.


This was a guy who made a comment on Joe’s channel about Fitch’s Amazon scams – Fitch was obliged to educate him by sending him this PM.

How in the hell could I be targeting Amazon you idiot.. visit for information on your buddy Hoe (aka) ebay seller ID hubcapjoes.

look at his all his customer feedback here

you may want to do research before you make comments you don’t know anything about.” 

We spotted this charming comment that Fitch left on the MM’s channel..


Also more threats towards Jason Decanio


 This is Fitch trying to lure another teenager into his web..


 And finally in Fitch (ebayisajoke) style he gives our UK Friend another charming comment !


Charles is such a nice man isn’t he ??!!!

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