Fitch (ebayisajoke) fixture in Rob Wolchek’s HALL of SHAME on Fox 2

fitch HOS
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Well Folks, it’s finally here. This man Charles W.Fitch (ebayisajoke) has been exposed on Fox 2’s HALL of SHAME by Rob Wolchek. It tells the story of Fitch’s bullying tactics and finally we see him for the lonely, sad, un-intimidating creature he really is.


Now get this folks, he’s actually NOW claiming that he does not care that people know who he is, yet for months he’s been claiming that this is not him, it’s a ex-military agent we’ve been exposing, we have manipulated all the messages that he sent Joe (YT can produce actual copies), we have been targeting the wrong man etc.

This is the type of man we are dealing with, he will lie and lie and when he is exposed, he then lies even further ! Many people on YT have diagnosed him with narcissistic personality disorder, CDM, sociopath and even psychopath – well we have to agree with them.

He has been exposed NATIONALLY he’s been confronted by an award winning reporter Rob Wolchek who deals specifically with TROLLS, STALKERS, BULLIES, and SCAMMERS. His team investigated this man for over four weeks, they have investigated Joe Demarco, Pete and others who have been bullied – they believed what they said, now why is that – perhaps it’s because it’s the truth!!

This is now all over Youtube, Facebook, twitter including Fox 2 and the reporters pages, the comments speak for themselves,


The KLOV community who he terrorized for years seem to be quite happy too..

Fitch even though he’s now admitting to who he is ebayisajoke was not very brave and arrogant on camera – he did what he always does denies everything (lies) and runs away.

Most normal/sane people would lie low after all that but NOOO not Fitch….even after all this Fitch still cannot let this go, as we said above he is now saying he does not care that we all know who he is (will he do videos without his mask now – we doubt it), but he’s even wrote an article about this on his “site” claiming STILL that everyone else is stalking and bullying HIM, that eBay will shutdown Joe’s account because of this “exposure” and has the temerity to try and “spin” this back on Joe – Words Fail!!! – this man is indeed a complete and utter sad, pathetic – lunatic !!

But anyway, let’s see Chuck’s “Fantastic” & “Predictable” – response to all this…

Here’s a link to the full webpage “articles” we captured, you can see this here so you don’t get your IP scrutinized.

fitch response

Here’s Fitch’s response. Apparently he was fully aware of the crew following him and it’s all about Fox 2 stalking him. Notice he’s very loud and brave from the confinements of his “apartment” with his mask & distorting his voice (we have converted again) – why did he not respond like this when he was confronted by Rob… now that’s a hard one !!

He removed this shortly after posting it today – perhaps he realized how foolish he looked. Click on the image to see his “removed” response.


And Just for completeness heres an older picture we found of Fitch on another forum – along with the usual disgusting comments…the old saying a “leopard never changes it spots”….well, this certainly applies with Fitch.



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