Fitch continues to lie to get Joe arrested.

Fitch has blatantly lied on his site to get Joe arrested for (and this is Fitch’s) words “violating the protection order” and a “contempt motion will be filled” if Joe continues tweeting about Fitch.

(To see how Fitch started bullying & extorting Joe click here or on Joe’s image below – Fitch is denying everything in that article since it’s gone viral  – what a surprise!)

Folks, this is nothing but lies, Fitch captured a screen shot of Joe’s twitter feed around the beginning of August and since it was captured on the day of the “illegal” tweets it has the hours of when it was tweeted. If you compare the actual screenshot from Joe’s twitter feed taken today 08/08/13 you will clearly see that the tweets were posted on the 1st of August NOT in the last few days (from 08/07/13). And to be clear the actual PPO was not delivered to Joe until the 08/02/13 16:30.

Fitch’s BLATENT Lies & Threats 08/07/13

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 23.39.32

Actual Twitter screen shot taken 08/08/13

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 07.03.23

Folks, this is what we are witnessing, and he expects to be taken seriously after the Fox 2, the PPO lies, and now this ! What will it take to make the Michigan courts take note at the length Charles Fitch will go to punish his victims – he’s really trying his best to get Joe arrested by lying, fortunately we can prove this again.He is abusing the system in the very way he accuses ‘everyone” else who are actually “his” victims.

This new buddy of his should take a look at this page and see the kind of man he is associating with – but then again, he is not interested – he’s probably another victim of Fitch.

How much to we need to show that proves this man is a troll, bully, liar & criminal – please help us report this to the Detriot-Michigan court (See below), and the police.


PLEASE – Inform the court & the authorities of Fitch’s appalling abuse of the legal system – it’s blatant “unlawful” behaviour!

From now on we will not refer to Fitch as ebayisajoke – as the “MindfulMonk” pointed out, he needs the mask to feel “strong”, to feel “foreboding” and “fearful” – not the weak, pathetic individual we all saw on Fox 2 – “I don’t know what your talking about” – another lie !

This is why he will never do videos without the mask – he will see the real Fitch – the man who disgusts “him” … looking right back at “him”!!!


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