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Charles William Fitch was here posts…. People who know Charles William Fitch, Ford employee, and know what he looks like, post on


“Posted 12 October 2010 – 04:37 AM

‘srpbuddy’, on 12 October 2010 – 03:59 AM, said:

I talked to him the other day, said he was collecting $515 a week on Medical. I guess management pushed him to the limit.

515 a week..thats like 450 less than you would take home per week if you were working..gotta be tough”

>> But he got fired … no Medical payment. <<

>> 2011 unemployed <<

23 March 2011

“I remember when you worked at Saline how they laughed at you Chucky. You are one of the ugliest bastards God has put on this earth. Massive forehead you have and those tiny little rodent like eyes”

23 June 2011

“You dont even work for Ford anymore Chucky…why even come on this site? Id there a site for Mcdonalds employees where you can gripe about things like serving burnt fries or watered down Sprite?…Cmon go away…you are unemployable…Moderator should throw kitten off because he is not a Ford employee”

4 February 2012

“Chucky you KNOW there is much more to it than what you are saying. I will agree you never had attendance problems but I also know for a fact you have more than one incident on your disciplinary record for insubordination etc…What about all the times you were making false claims against the company with the state and osha for fake safety violations? What about slandering members of labor relations and the union by name in this forum? What about fake medicals?. You phave pissed and moaned about how you hate the Union etc yet you NOW expect them to expedite your getting back into ford after you mocked and ridiculed all sides…How high are you? LOL…Remember the saying ” Dont bite the hand that feeds you?”….You deserve this..although I think you should get another chance someday. Maybe you will appreciate your job more and shut your mouth when or if you ever come back”

12 Feb 2012

“How many profiles do you have on here ChuckY? Why do you post all over this site when YOU WERE FIRED?? Always bitching and moaning they havent hired you back yet..Question…Who says they are gonna hire u again??”

01 March 2012

“Chuckie you bitched so bad about body and got fired. STFU. Body isn’t as bad as trim you’d be a medical case there too. Enjoy your ‘termination’ maybe it’ll make you appreciate your job a little more when you come back.”

30 March 2012

morepie (Charles William Fitch), “Went to local 600 yesterday and all the doors were locked, lady came to the door and said they were all out at the golf course and that they wouldn’t be back till Monday. We then went home and tried calling various local people and got no answers (nothing but voice mails) we didn’t bother leaving any message cause we didn’t want to bother them on their day off. WTF?”

DTP Nick, “Still begging to get back in after being fired huh?…Remember how you threw the Union under the bus and said how useless they were all the time? Yet now you need their help…hypocrite”

Post 12 – Charles \’chuckie\’ Fitch

Charles \’sanduskyman\’ Fitch 3 March 2011 – \”You must work B crew on or near the door line, yes that management in there treats people like shit and the floor reps Berges and Thornton don\’t do a single thing for you!. I once had Berges tell me if I didn\’t like the way things go, then to go out on medical and I did. lol – I wasn\’t sick, but I played it so I would be out 5 months and I got paid for it all!. lol

If your having problems let me know I\’ll tell you how to go out on medical and get paid for it.\”

3 March 2011
\”Chucky why are you posting stuff under one profile and answering under another? Do you have multiple personality syndrome? How many profiles do you have? LOL You have also CLAIMED on other threads you have only been on medical once(liar)..You have these same troubles EVERY plant you work at,,, Why is that? Is it the Union and management picking on you?..Or is your whiney attitude? If you hate your commitee people so much then run for office and get elected\”

3 March 2011
\”Come on Chucky. You are a real PRO when it comes to going on Medical and then bragging about it. Total loser you are.\”

3 March 2011
\”Chucky got canned, or at least walked to the gate and asked for his badge, and isn\’t on a DROT anymore, maybe he is in trim working for his money.\”

3 March 2011
\”Its only a matter of time before he gets canned at the rate he is going. He has some anger issues and an elevated sense of self importance. I feels sorry for him to be honest..\”

Charles \’sanduskyman\’ Fitch 5 Mar 2011 – \”I agree with this, DTP membership, all they have to do is get 51% of the people to sign a recall petition on the likes of people like Anthony Berges, Thornton and the others to get them out. Don\’t ask me where to get this paperwork, just make your own and someone needs to walk around privately with it. Do it on both shifts or all three crews, once you have the signatures then present it to the local and send it to the international. Make sure anything you send in the mail is signature certified so you know they receive it cause anything you send to these people will be ignored unless they are forced to sign for it.

As for this guy Chuckie you talk about, sounds like a member that has the balls to stand up for his rights and membership and a select few (like some on here) can\’t handle it cause maybe they work for the company or they are union and just don\’t like it when someone can do their jobs over them without being in the union!.

I once new a guy that would write his own grievances because the leadership within his plant didn\’t know how to do it or just wouldn\’t they then refused to provide him with any backing on any issue because they felt he was doing their job.. It\’s pretty sad when a line worker can over shadow a floor rep and make him/her look like a dope. We need more people like that. Sadly they won\’t run for the reasons that were pointed out above. (The boat doesn\’t rock their way) so there is no point in trying to change a broken boat.\”

5 March 2011
\”Am I the only one that thinks it is weird for Chucky to talk about himself in third person?\”

5 March 2011
\”Every one of these negative posts complaining about the committees at Saline, Sheldon, AAI, DTP Final DTP Body are all obviously Chucky.

Same writing style same old complaints where \”the Union is not representing me\”, and \”there all out to get me\” or \”their lazy bums\” on and on gets old.

We know you dont want to work Chucky but when all of the complaints are the same origin. I dont even know these people you keep naming. Are they local union? Region? International people you have problems with? Are you so well represented that you know all of these people because you require the attention of every level of representation at every location you worked at? Hell I can barely remember our Local Vice President let alone all of these names you drop.

How many screen names do you have now? 10, 12

I find it funny how you talk about yourself in the 3rd person as well as agreeing with yourself on Evey topic

Instead of acting like Sybil why dont you just stick with 1 screen name and make a point as well as some sort of proof as to the topic you are speaking.

Good luck\”

5 March 2011
\”Its called mental illness and being a borderline Sociopath that compel Chucky to create fake profiles and talk to himself with them….He needs many many years of intense therapy\”

5 March 2011
\”He is the poster(s) that has 12 screen names and complains about how he is getting the shaft at every location. I will not post the screen names but they are on every topic spreading blame and innuendo which is embarrassing on a public site. The moderator has told him several times that we shouldnt be acting or posting the things Chuckie posts. He drops names (against the user agreement) and continues to post anything of negativity on here.

Most everyone ignore him because hes been kicked off here probably a dozen times. Most of the responses to Chuckie is him responding to himself somehow giving himself \”credibility\” of his childish replies.

So surf through these topics you can clearly see who Chuckie is…..\”
Starring Charles \’hunnyboy69\’ Fitch

24 August 2011
\”What a loser!!!!

You are the dumbass

Buh By Chuck……….. Go make another screen name—- Have you hit the 100 mark yet??\”

\”Welcome back camaro……I mean hunnyboy……I mean chuckie. It\’s frickin hilarious how as soon as you make some dumb ass statement and get exposed another name pops up. I\’ve seen some lame ass comments made on here, but you sir are king of all persons residing in dumbass land. Shouldn\’t you be trying to make another fake email? That last attempt was pathetic, but I\’m sure you can do better. Give it the old college try, ok well in your case high school drop out try. Or maybe you could take your profits from the cheap Chinese knock off sunglasses and get some edumacation.\”

24 August 2011
\”Chuckie that butcher job was the equivalent of what a first grader would try to pull.

The sad thing is you spend so much time and energy trying to discredit the UAW that it must consume all of your time.

You remind me of the road runner and coyote from loony tunes. You of course are the coyote that is always getting his due from unsuccessful scam after unsuccessful scam while the road runner continues to thrive.\”

You need some help\”

24 August 2011
\”Chuckie numnuts posted a fake letter from Jimmy Settles. Besides not having anything to do with the UAW, this retard mispelled \”grievence\” in both this thread and the fake Jimmy Settles letter. It is GRIEVANCE you moron! But, it is still hilarious how dumb this guy is. He\’s leading a revolution of one in the basement of his momma\’s house.\”

24 August 2011
\”Lol, Chuckie. Yes, we keep making sure everyone knows what a liar you are. That you falsify documents and claim they are from Jimmy Settles and make other outrageous claims that are lies, lies, lies. So all you do is basically lie in every post you write. So, of course we will keep this thread going because you are a classic example of cranial rectal inversion and for someone like you, I am sure you like the taste of dingleberries in the morning. So keep Lying Chuckie and we will keep pointing it out. LOL!!! You still kill me with your fake Jimmy Settles post that a 4 year old could have made a lot better. What a retard!\”

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