Chuck Fitch – The eBay Troll “exposed” is going viral !!!!

It’s been a short time since Fitch was exposed by Rob Wolchek on Fox 2. Since then several international and national news companies have picked up the story – as a result, twitter and other social media sites have exploded with comments.

Fitch continues with his futile attempts to back track with comments such as “It was a ruse to get exposure”, “Fox 2 are the stalkers”, “Joe Demarco is the criminal” etc. etc. etc. – It’s now irrelevant what he says – we all know he is a pathological lair, scammer, bully and troll ! His latest desperate statement is “It was all a charade to bring attention to ebay!” – his victims will be soooo understanding..not !

Fitch’s behavour and his exposure has been reported by 1OneMinuteNews – check out her video below – She’s such a nice girl – thanks Keri Lumm – visit her page @

You can subscribe to their channel here


Here’s just some live grabs we did earlier – since Fitch claims that we are constantly making stories up about him –  so we generally have to prove that these sites are real – you can see the actual news sites in their glory – the links are below.

Check out just a fraction of the growing comments below from the Daily Mail page. I’m sure the UK people would be grateful to learn that Fitch regards all UK people “IDIOTS“!! At the last count it had 329 comments & 529 shares – and the vast majority are not happy with Fitch’s antics!


Here are just a handful of links that show how this is growing – Croatia – Even we get a mention here – yes he’s right we are ‘obsessed’ about stopping this menace !

The WORLD is getting to see what Fitch is about – soon the authorities will be investigating !

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