Fitch (ebayisajoke) claims he owns the Fox 2 Report (FAIL)

Update 09/10/2013 – YouTube has reinstated the video since Fitch made this frivolous claim !

Charles Fitch is now claiming the video on youtube showing the Fox 2 Report exposing him is actually owned by him. He has submitted a FAKE DMCA claim to YouTube under the name of Dave Johnson (the FBI agent’s name he used when he threatened eBay). He is a liar, fraudster and has committed identity fraud by issuing a fake DMCA claim.

Folks, can you believe his stupidity, he has no claim to this video at all – Fitch knew that YouTube do not investigate claims such as these since the DMCA puts the responsibility of the video ‘uploader’ to counter the claim and then Fitch would have to then state this in a court (that he is the copyright owner) to keep the video from being shown on YouTube.  

Fitch could not stand the fact that the video got over 60,000 views.

 In any event it’s all over the net, so it does not matter – but Fitch (who claims he’s not bothered by the report) cannot help himself – he has to react and attack! 



Here’s a video showing the actual claim he made

{avsplayer videoid=85 playerid=1}

And here’s another video (which he removed) confirming he’s the owner of the email address and in usual Fitch style he cannot resist throwing a tirade of Joe Demarco hate & bullying speech!

{avsplayer videoid=86 playerid=2}

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