Fitch (ebayisajoke) commits fraud again to implicate Joe Demarco and bullies a ‘single mom’

Fitch the scammer and now ‘mail fraud’ criminal & ‘single mom’ bully !

 Update 11/04

Fitch has now officaly blamed Joe Demarco for this “setup” that he has created..

fitch mail

Update 11/14

About a week ago Fitch claimed Joe was the culprit for the ‘serious’ crime of subscribing the New Yorker magazine on Fitch’s behalf. Now Joe is back to suspect status, what is the reason for this change of ‘certainty’? Simple, it provided Fitch an avenue to punish Jason Decanio for not engaging with Fitch’s sidekick for a mock ‘interview’ about this ‘important’ situation. Fitch has tormented and bullied Jason for months and he will use any opportunity to publicly harass him. 

This is just another example of Fitch’s compulsive lies, slander, defamation and bullying…wow what a guy !!!


See Jason’s official response on his QueensNewYorker Channel

Our partner site has created a great article regarding Fitch’s latest fraud scam. Can you believe it, he has now fabricated subscription to the “New Yorker” magazine sent it to himself and is blaming Joe with threats about getting Joe arrested for mail fraud etc.

We know Fitch lies just to get Joe into trouble, remember the PPO, the twitter lies (see Below)..this is just another stunt.

Twitter Lies

PPO Lies

All Fitch does is spend his waking hours attacking Joe on YT and with any silly scheme this one-cell can dream up.

Check out the article at


Oh and check out this latest message from the guy (Fitch) who claims (on camera) that he does not threaten, stalk, harrass … charming !!!

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 11.37.54 AM

Check out the video below where he harrasses and bullies a single mom.

Fitch (who cannot find work) spends all his time on his computer seeking out other YouTubers videos regarding eBay.

In this instance he started trolling a YTber who makes videos regarding selling on eBay, the individual (who is a single mom) had enough of this behaviour and blocked Fitch. Well as you can see Fitch was enraged and decided to bully her via YT – doesn’t this sound familiar, this is exactly what happened to Demarco – Fitch will obviously deny this, however, this is what happens when you block a petulant lunatic – he cannot let it go – he has a compulsion to punish them – it doesn’t matter who it is – or how this may affect them at an individual level – he does not care !!

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