Chuck Fitch (ebayisajoke) “The Million Dollar Pro”

Fitch is now using “The Million Dollar Pro” Persona

Fitch is still slandering various individuals including (you guessed it) Joe and Jason. Notice in the example below he tries to disguise his identity by refering to his “other” persona ebayisajoke in the third perspetive – yet he claims he is not trying to hide…. FAIL !!


He and his long term flip flopper Keith D. are wasting their time making the same old silly photoshopped images. All this shows is the level of their depravity, indeed it was only a few months ago where keith actually recorded himself walking into Walmart, then to a member of staff and asked “Do you know Jason Decanio”, then walked out… Incredible !!

We have left them both alone, yet they continue (probably instigated by Fitch) to persist with this nonsense – it makes no difference to Joe anymore, it’s now becoming very old, and if they want to do this until they depart from this planet then that simply shows how pathetic and sad they really are….YAWN!!!

Remember, this is what “The Million Dollar Pro” Looks like !!

6176178 orig

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