Chuck Fitch – Requesting a Truce !

Fitch is now asking for a truce – he wants people to leave him alone.

Fitch is now claiming that all the initial attacks or what he calls the “exposing” of Joe Demarco was because eBay contacted Fitch asking him to expose the crazeenydriver. He is also saying that he did not expect the backlash from Joe and underestimated Joe’s tenacity of not backing down etc.

He is quite vocal about the expose that Rob & Fox 2 News did and it violated his privacy etc. Well if he had not violated our and others privacy, including Joe’s this site would not exist – but all this is academic now!

In any event, he now wants people to leave him alone, he claims he will not do any more videos/articles about Joe and the others unless “we” continue to (in his words) cyber terrorize him.

You know, the main reason we don’t update this site frequenty with the continued attacks on Joe and many others is we simply do not have time – we take no pleasure in any of this and we would much rather be with our friends and family than having to rebut Fitch all the time.

So, if Fitch wants to be left alone, and he can put his other accounts and Keith “in the barn” (see vid below) i.e. Leave us and others alone – then we shall do the same.

Note : Fitch has stated he has turned over a new leaf before – let’s see if he’s being sincere this time!

Click here for an Update on the Predictable Fitch Loon !!


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