Chuck Fitch – The YouTube Cyber Terrorist

Chuck Fitch – The YouTube Cyber Terrorist !!!

Chuck Fitch – aka – The Million Dollar Pro, eBayisajoke and now the “YouTube Cyber Terrorist” – We use that “Fitch-ism” since he is continuing to intimidate and bully Jason and he’s claiming Jason is a such an individual and bragging about this on YouTube with his latest “expert” SEO techniques – so we thought we would reciprocate in kind.

Here’s the bully’s latest stunt !!
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He has also lost one of his long time online buddies presumably he has finally seen what type of creature Chuck Fitch is – a disgusting, nasty, bitter, lazy, boring, waste of space clown who continues to harass, bully, defame, stalk and terrorize others who dare to stand up and fight against his online tactics! It was only a matter of time before this would happen – indeed it always happens with Fitch – he becomes so obsessed that he cannot leave people alone, he will email mail you several times a day, call you several times a day (if he gets your number) and if you “renounce” him or in this case “Dis- communicate” him – he will then go on the attack – just like he did with Joe. 

Fitch’s response to the individual was titled – “My Message to Doc GO SCREW YOURSELF!!” – Before he removed it from YT – LOL !

Remember this guy was heavily involved with Chuck Fitch – now Fitch is claiming that the individual has been working with Joe all the time i.e. the usual Fitch spin boring, predictable crap he always responds when he’s been “RENOUNCED”…

Joe – Works for eBay
Matt – A YouTube Hacker
Jason – eBay Shill & Mail Fraud Criminal
Pete – Lithium/eBay employee
Rob – Corrupt Reporter (probably employed by eBay)

Blah – Blah – Blah – same old crap from the YouTube Cyber Terrorist (actually global criminal) 

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We suspect that Fitch may back off now with this individual since as you will hear – this individual has “something” on Fitch – but Fitch usually doesn’t care about that cos he’s too dim and petulant – but it will keep him off this individuals back for a short period – but once Fitch believes the coast is clear – he’ll get revenge for being “Dis-Communicated” this is what Fitch does – he’s a friggin’ lunatic !!

In classic Fitch style Fitch has included Jason’s girlfriend in his latest article….why…simple, Fitch knows this will upset Jason and then claim Jason is crazy – well just look at the crazy rants Fitch has done when he is “upset” – many of them are on this site. We could easily bring Fitch’s family members to this site and expose them for being related to the disgusting creature – but that is not our style. But as you can see, Fitch will attack anyone who happens to be a relative, friend, associate of his victims and use them as leverage to get compliance – he’s a cowardly bully plain and simple !!

Remember: This is what a YouTube Cyber Criminal Looks like – Chuck Fitch – eBayisajoke – The Million Dollar Pro

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