Fitch (ebayisajoke) doxes and attacks Rob Wolchek and others

Fitch (ebayisajoke) has decided to dox and slander Rob Wolchek


Fitch has recently been attacking a variety of individuals. The usual targets include Jason, Joe, a girl who once worked for him, and now Rob, several eBay/paypal employees, other youtubers and a completely innocent guy who has not even heard of Fitch.

He has now doxed the Fox 2 reporter Rob Wolkchek and made several serious allegations against him including money laundering, mortgage and real estate fraud. He also encourages people to visit Rob and commit vandalism to his property – Fitch believes he can incite violence by stating “it’s free speech”H


 In addition, he has claimed that Jason threatened Fitch & his “gang” with a “bullet” in one of Jason’s rebuttal videos (Jason said “bone in”), and made several videos and claims that he has reported it to the police (yet nothing has happened to Jason) so he and “Doc” are doing everything they can to terrify Jason – insisting that Jason will have visits from the police and ultimately serve jail time.

Also, Fitch has been desperate for years to learn the identities of several YT account owners who continue to fight back against his bullying and harassment.

In his “ultimate wisdom” he decided one account belonged to a girl who once worked for him (very briefly) years ago. Even though this was completely untrue Fitch decided she should be “punished” he proceeded to put pictures of her on his site, harassed her relentlessly, called her disgusting names, contacted her business and made several videos on YT and his site – she ended up reporting Fitch to the police since she already had a restraining order against him.

Fitch believes the same account is a now layer’s son from Florida, he is threatening to dox the father and the son and to sue him. This guy probably has never heard of Fitch, yet his socal media page and photo’s are now in Fitch’s videos and on his websites. Fitch claims that his “detectives” found this young man (which we know is all lies).

Fitch spends the majority of his life stalking, bullying and harassing ANYONE who he dislikes and does not agree with him. If they fight back he will ensure he does his utmost to ruin that individual.


Fitch has been helped by this apparent “neutral” individual “Doc” an Ed K from Florida (we will not be doxing him like Fitch would do). Doc is another bitter man who hates eBay and Paypal hence their “partnership”, you may have seen him on youtube. The hypocrisy about this man is simple; he insists that he is “neutral” yet he turns a blind eye to the continued attacks and bullying Fitch does – he never “documents” anything Fitch does to his victims, he just (in his words) gives his (biased) “opinion” on Joe, Jason, Pete and anyone else who fights back against Fitch – Indeed in one of his videos Doc seemed apparently proud of the fact that he trolls and makes people’s lives a misery – “ebayisajoke is damn good troll!!” 

Doc continues to state that anyone who fights back or is friends with Joe is either an eBay/Paypal or Lithium employee – “shills” is his favorite word. We certainly will not give Doc any major attention on this site, however, we fail to understand his motives; perhaps Fitch is blackmailing him or he is just bored and this gives his life purpose – but we feel it’s important you all see the type of individual this “Doc” character is ….

Recently Joe’s mother was on her death bed, she only had a few days to live, so Scott (Joe’s friend) stepped in for Joe to do his usual friday YT video, Scott also arranged some of Joe’s facebook friends to say some kind words regarding Joe’s terrible situation. Fitch and Doc insisted this was all lies and a publicity stunt orchestrated and “ordered” by eBay – sheer lunacy!


Don’t forget folks, this was the same guy who demanded to see Joe’s mom’s obituary when she only had a few days left to live, no wonder he’s desperate to discredit this site with his “observations” – YAWN!!

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