Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) – claims he is never wrong – FAIL !

Fitch (ebayiajoke) states his “investigations” turn out to be right !! – WRONG !!!

matt2We pointed out recently the attack on Joe’s UK fan and that Fitch had created a video in a response to our exposing of his EPIC FAIL where he believes the UK fan is Brian (chunkyfinch101) from YouTube. In Fitch’s response he states that most of his investigations turn out to be right, well given that he has not identified any of us “ever”, so that’s a pretty significant FAILURE rate.

Check out the examples below..

As with the UK fan, Fitch was adamant and absolutely convinced that this (again) innocent teenager from Florida was our Matt Zolo, he proceeded to name and show pictures of this teenagers father (who is a lawyer), his father’s business, his girlfriend, his college peers, his friends. Fitch claimed that he wrote to the teenagers father thretening him also.

See video below…


A couple of weeks later, he released the following video stating that he was wrong about the Florida teenager, yet he was 100% convinced that he had found Matt Zolo, and slandered the teenager and left the video and text to get captured on search engines. You will also note that Fitch quickly brushes off this EPIC FAIL and moves on to another attempt to harass and bully someone else’s area who he thinks is Matt Zolo.

Can you see a pattern, he initially justified his confirmation that he was right because our Matt Zolo called Fitch out on his website about this attack of the Florida Teenager, in Fitch’s twisted mind that proved he must be right!! Just like when we responded to his attack on the UK Fan, that proved again in Fitch’s twisted mind that he was once again correct, and that conclusion seems to give Fitch the right to slander, bully and defame.

No apology, no contrition at ALL, he simply felt he was justified in defaming the Florida family but was WRONG – well that’s OK in the one-celled mind of the Fitch !!

What this does prove is Fitch will NEVER learn and that he IS an absolute psychopath and a STUPID one at that!! No sane individual would behave this way, and make the most outlandish conclusions regarding people’s identities.

Also, in his last video, he states that “the UK guy came to America JUST to smear Fitch’s name” Look at the lunacy with that statement, as if the WHOLE world revolves around this pathetic little fool in Canton Michigan !!

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