Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) – Committing DMCA Fraud

Fitch and his continued fraudulent activities


Fitch (eBayisaJoke) recently had his YouTube channels terminated or suspended…Why?

Well, he’s been submitting frivolous DMCA copyright claims on numerous YouTube videos that show his face, he’s made a particularly concentrated effort to target anyone who uploads the Fox 2 News articles. He submits the claims under the “person” Seller Critic which is a blatant violation of the process, however as we know the initial stage is automated.  But the best part is the actual reason of the actual claim…

“The use of the ebayisajoke character mask is created and owned by me Charles Fitch, no permission was granted to fox 2 news of detroit. The Guy Fawkes mask with the eBay logo on it was created by myself to express opinions about ebay and online corruption. As provided in the documents as proof, I am the original owner and copyright trademark owner of the mask shown in the videos. I am asking youtube to please remove the following video”

All of the videos have been apparently countered, and Fitch at that point needs a court order to keep the videos down. Well as we know he’s a failure in court (numerous times) and a failure at life, now he’s failed at these desperate stunts to remove his degenerate history. The videos are now back up including one that has over 37,000 views – with some interesting comments to read..

fitch yt00

dave carr

This is what this eBay Critic (online stalker, bully, scammer & terrorist) looks like 

fitch clef

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