Fake Legal Letter by Fitch is now “infamous”

Joe started to fight back after Fitch continued with the harassment. This resulted in Fitch sending a fake legal “cease and desist” letter to Joe.

Matt Zolo examined the fake legal letter and found a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors. Matt then posted this video response.  

Fitch corrected all the errors a few days later, and behaved as if his first failed attempt never existed. He subsequently published a new pdf and didn’t even attempt to explain his actions, hence his delusions of being taken seriously.

In addition, Fitch wanted this video removed.  He goes on about all this FREE publicity so why get this removed – simple, he doesn’t want this exposure!

At the time, Fitch desperately tried to get the video removed off YouTube, Fitch failed just like he general failing at life. The lazy sociopath responded with more desperate, futile attempts to hide his lies – too late Fitch !!!

Now that we ‘educated’ Fitch, check out the revised letter  .  But the new (still fake) legal letter has less spelling mistakes now, but it’s remains terribly written  !

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