Racist and Misogynist

Fitch has always been as a misogynist given the amount of stalking and harassment he delivers to women. He’s also a racist !!

Joe Demaco was contacted by some of Fitch’s co-workers at Detroit Thermal Systems. They explained how he harasses and bullies them. To our amazement Fitch has actually created a video ranting about his co-workers.

Fitch has also made numerous racist videos against the British and the Asian community.

Joe has has made the above video detailing these rants by Fitch. This just epitomises Fitch’s mind, he’s obviously not had much success with women. This is clearly what has driven him to hate women.

Heck, the only time we’ve seen him with any female, is with prostitutes, or his ex-employees. Fitch also attacks those women regularly.

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