Extortionist and Blackmailer

Fitch the extortionist is infamously predictable, to the point where one could bet (and win) on his reactions..

One of Joe’s subscribers made a parody song and video regarding Joe’s catchphrase “Don’t be Fitchy” you can see it here

How did the Ditch respond ? Well, he claims to get his numerous “friends” on the case to deal with the YouTuber..

fitch threatens again

Obviously the YouTuber refused to comply to Fitch’s demands, like Joe he will not be bullied by this lone individual Extortionist. Fitch starts having tantrums when people refuse to meet his “ultimatums”, but we have seen how this tough guy reacts when confronted in person….

Let’s be clear, the only friend Fitch has on this planet is Edmund Koon, and we suspect this is a forced predicament for the old man, nevertheless, Fitch has no ‘real’ friends, let-alone a “crew” – that is typical of the terms Fitch will use to make his presence so far from his actual reality – which is sad, pathetic and quite frankly embarrassing.

After all, he goes to the movie theater all alone – in his flip flops.

This is what a vile extortionist looks like !!

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