Fitch – “You will never see my face”

Before the Fox2 news reports exposing Fitch to the world that he’s a stalker, bully, and Scammer – Fitch stated that Joe will never see his face. 

He has subsequently  stated that the eBayIsAJoke ‘persona’ was a complete invention to gain publicity. Yet, we assume it must be a complete coincidence that he started showing his ugly ‘boat race’ shortly after he was ‘outed’ on Fox 2 in court .

Prior to this for years Fitch insisted that he will remain anonymous and bragged at his ability and skills to remain ‘ebayisajoke’

The video below is one of many where he demands that he will never be exposed – didn’t work out too well did it Charles – Oh, we forgot, this was all part of your master plan – LOOOL !!


This was our aged rendition of Fitch prior to him being revealed – pretty close – eh ? 🙂

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