Fitch (seller critic) Files Fake Takedowns

Charles/Chuck Fitch has no shame or regards for the DMCA and copyright laws


Below you will find the exact copies of the emails received by YouTube. The first one states that Fitch owns the copyright to a photo, the second he claims to own the rights to the artwork.

But as you can see he files it under Charles “Finch”. Obviously Fitch has absolutely no legal legs to stand on,

All these claims are frivolous and illegal, and he knows he will never submit any real claims that will be reviewed and adjudicated by a legal body.

Fitch (aka Seller Critic) does this constantly and in most cases the instant the video is uploaded. This just shows his paranoia, and the sad existence he lives by troll/trawling the internet. He attacks any artefact that dares to expose his degenerate behaviour,.

This is what a lair, troll, lunatic looks like !!

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