Fitch uses Black Lives Matters to incite hatred

Charles/Chuck Fitch uses a terrible situation by a couple of racists in New Jersey to ensure that Hubcap Joe is harassed and ultimately attacked by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group supporters.

Only two years ago, Fitch decided to post slanderous and defamatory articles trying to implicate Joe with the Leon Vally situation. Now he’s using Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Joe had to respond publicly to negate this nonsense, but some people did believe Fitch initially. Obviously once it was shown who was behind the lies, the individuals apologised to Joe and denounced Fitch for the actual lunatic he is.

Now, he’s decided to repeat this stunt (he never learns). Fitch and Koon have created articles on their sites (see emails below) stating that Hubcap Joe and his brother “Jim” are racists and they have been arrested in New Jersey during a bizarre reenactment.

As a note: Fitch has openly made racist slurs about the British and the Asian communities, he also has a hatred towards women too.

Fitch is hoping that the BLM movement will not bother to do actual research and simply attack Hubcap ‘Joe’, and his brother, store and homes. Thankfully, the group will not just attack anyone that Fitch lies about, but nevertheless, Fitch does not care that the implications for him creating hatred in the current climate is a very serious offence.

Let’s be clear the Joe Demarco who has been arrested works (or worked) for a New Jersey Correctional Facility, his brother Jim at Fed Ex. As we all know the Joe Demarco that this vile stalker has harassed sells Hubcaps (, his lives in Oradel, and his brother is not called Jim.
“Joe DeMarco Has Been Suspended From His Job at a New Jersey Correctional Facility Pending an Investigation; Jim Has Been Fired by FedEx”

Also it was not difficult to find the actual “Joe Demarco” responsible, the resemblance to Hubcap Joe is quite “astounding”. We think Fitch needs to get some spectacles !

This is Joe Demarco responsible for the re-enactment

Just for clarity and to satisfy the Fitch creature, here’s Hubcap Joe’s twitter and facebook page.

Joe Twitter

Fitch sent the following emails to Jason Decanio..

From: Chuck Finch <>
Date: Sat, Jun 13, 2020, 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: hahahah my videos discredit all you trolls

hahahah seems rob is backing away from joe by removing content about me after we have linked him in with the new article of joe being racist and against black people. I’d say the old jersey dog is being pooped on even by rob hahahahah for your ustream channel you had nothing good on it anyway hahaha and your yt channel right now has all fake laughing in it, you are a pretend show host. If you wanna be great at hosting a show learn by watching the best which is Conan or the very very best which is Fallon.

Ed Koon has started tweeting the above article from his website to also assist Fitch in his criminal behaviour. This man has accused Joe of numerous crimes and is the only one Fitch has any control over – he is Fitch’s ‘sock puppet’.

From: Chuck Finch <>
Date: Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 2:21 PM
Subject: Re: hahahah my videos discredit all you trolls

well jazzy jason, I can take it rest assured, but the problem is, you’re vulgar and disgusting. Looks like joey is getting some visitors for that george floyd reenactment he did, the BLM movement doesn’t appreciate it. And joe’s failure to speak about it in fri’s video makes him more guilty. you should distance yourself from joe because right now he looks bad. he hates black people and says (along with his bayside corrections) friends that black lives dont matter. what a pig.

The “brilliant” article is below, (mainly copied from the UK Daily Mail website).

Here’s Fitch’s Version – Captured below if you don’t want to have your IP captured visiting his sick site –

fitch teeth

Fitch (seller critic) knows very well that this isn’t Joe or his brother, he’s just taken advantage of a tragic situation. In that the behaviour of a disgusting man and his brother (of the same name – not Joe’s brother) lives in the same state (not county) is in the news. So Fitch in his sadistic and perverse mind takes advantage of this situation for his own amusement and hated for Joe.

He is a member of the UAW and is employed by Detroit Thermal Systems..
Detroit thermal systems, 65050 Cogswell St., Romulus, MI 48174 telephone number 734-403-6500.

United Auto Workers Union
UAW solidarity house 8000 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48214 telephone 313-926-5000

This is what a racist, hater, liar, stalker looks like

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