Fitch uses eBay Scandal to implicate Joe

Charles/Chuck Fitch in his predictable stalking style uses another terrible situation implicating Hubcap Joe in the latest eBay stalking scandal to get him arrested.

As soon as Joe published a YouTube video (and a subsequent video) summarising the latest scandal at eBay, we would be very rich if we could have placed a bet on the chances that this stalker would take advantage of this stunt. True to form the degenerate has done exactly what we predicted.

Obviously the authorities don’t just take the word of a couple of trolls like Fitch and Koon regarding this scandal. Especially given Fitch has harassed / blackmailed numerous high profile individuals including a judge, Rob Wolchek (who instigated a restraining order), UK individuals, several women (one also issued restraining order), the police department , fire department and the lists go on and on (all captured on this site and on the internet). Heck he’s been on Fox 2 news twice !!

Nevertheless, Fitch simply thinks his past is irrelevant, he’s lost numerous times in court because as a diseased narcissistic stalker, he genuinely believed that he had done nothing wrong and he would win any case he presented to the courts – wrong !!

As you can see below, Fitch is insisting (telling lies) Joe works for eBay, yet Joe is invited to numerous eBay open events and speaking publicly (with eBay hosts) about being a seller on eBay – errr hello !!!! And regarding the gun reference in Fitch’s naff article, Joe is not against guns, he is against a psycho (“sick in the head”) owning one !

He’s also accusing Joe as being one of YouTube’s biggest adversaries of the Fitch “JailBirdFitch” who has commented whilst Joe is LIVE doing a podcast with Jason Decanio. We do know who JBF is, thankfully Fitch will never know – we don’t want another victim of Fitch’s treatment towards his “critics” !

Fitch sent the following email to Keith Detwiller..

From: Chuck Finch <>
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2020, 2:46 AM
Subject: what do you think about your buddy joey now?
To: Biz Hacks <>, <>
He knows the people that were involved in the cyberstalking including trust and safety, we have notified the US Attorney in MASS and gave evidence of Joe Demarco and two other people of additional cyberstalking attempts including the magazine subscription fraud case numbers and your case number of threats Keith. I suggest distancing yourselves from Mr. Demarco and whoever else Joe has involved in the Cyberstalking of myself and Ed Koon for the last 7 years. The next arrests will be in NJ. Joe Demarco is bad news for eBay Inc and the platform and we’re going to make sure the NJ Attorney’s office and the Massecusets Attorneys get all the evidence they need to finally bring Mr. Demarco up on charges.
Have a nice day boys!.

Let’s hope this stunt backfires massively on Fitch, after all he’s impersonated an FBI agent publicly on YouTube without any regards of the consequences,

Here’s Fitch’s “non biased” trolling article on the scandal – Captured below if you don’t want to have your IP captured visiting his sick site

Fitch Lies eBay Scandal

fitch teeth

Fitch (seller critic) knows that this site is nothing to do with eBay, we would gladly co-operate with any investigation regarding this eBay scandal with the FBI / Authorities (would Fitch??). He also knows that Hubcap Joe is not an eBay employee. All the actions Joe has taken against Fitch is simply because of the continued doxing, harassment, stalking, bullying and scamming he has done to Joe since 2012. But Fitch simply accuses anyone who dares to stand up against Fitch as the same and always states he not guilty of anything – typical narcissist !

This is what a racist, hater, liar, stalker looks like
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