Fitch says he never did eBay Stealth

Fitch has stated on numerous occasions that he’s never created / used an eBay stealth account. He even went to court (when attempting to sue Fox 2) – shame he forgot to remove all his images of eBay Stealth on his mask.

Oh, BTW he lost that case pretty early on – and he blamed his “lawyers” – But in reality it was his past that betrayed him – this is what happens to all compulsive liars.

It’s also a shame he forgot that he produced this video stating one of the “tools” used to get an illegal stealth account on eBay


Don’t forget this was made by Fitch and published on YouTube and his crappy site before the Fox 2 news exposé, when Fitch was actively promoting is eBay Stealth services this would cost an individual $25 per account.

It’s so embarrassing that Fitch thinks his past is gone, we have it all on this site, on forums, social media – he can never escape his past. We even have his first attempt at a website, it looks like the first site ever put on the internet !

Fitch scammer

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