Fitch the Troll is referenced in Cybercrime publication

Fitch the troll, stalker and scammer has landed himself in a publication which focuses specifically on cybercrime – what a surprise.

Hopefully fitch will be flattered that he’s not only infamous all over the internet and has been on national news, in the tabloid UK Daily Mail, now he’s immortalized in a successful publication – “New Perspectives on Cybercrime”. This was published a few years ago, however, we were informed of this publication on the back of Fitch’s recent FBI stunt.

Below are a couple of excerpts of the book – notice the terminology, Troll, Cybercrime, Ugly …..

Fitch will claim this is all lies and probably attack the authors and publishers who will be more than capable of dealing with Fitch, just like Joe and all the other victims who fight back against this fool. He’s also created another website using cloudflare to hide the host (not that it matters) – feel free to take a look at his latest abomination (as in badly created, executed and deployed) designed to harass and bully Joe Demarco – oh well same old same old dross !

Fitch scammer

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