Fitch the Troll uses USPS to harass Joe Demarco

Fitch the troll, stalker and scammer has used his ultimate wisdom to send a letter to USPS on the back of a video Joe Demarco created on his YouTube channel criticising USPS for their recent issues with their service.

From: Chuck Finch <>
Date: Tue, Sep 15, 2020, 8:13 PM
Subject: Resident Creating videos about your Post Office Branch
To: <>, <>, Biz Hacks <>, <>

Hello Postmaster, my name is Chuck I want to email you to notify you that a resident in Haworth New Jersey at 321 Pine St (house), and his business address at 90 Kinderkamack Rd is creating videos about your branch(s) on youtube and accusing your offices of pre-scanning items as delivered when they are not for several days (he says), in order to increase your delivery and performance ratings or commit "Fraud". 

This person runs an ebay business called "Hubcapjoes" and maybe you wish to hold up his deliveries even more since he wants to spout off at the mouth about your post offices. This guy is known to be an online bully and always blames his local post office for such things like scamming him on shipping costs and not scanning his outgoing packages. His Hubcap Buyers on eBay would be very unhappy with his slow shipping times if your post offices decided to hold up his outgoing shipments a little bit to teach him a valuable lesson about keeping his mouth shut.

I have been watching this guy a long time and he's considered the worst businessman in Bergen County.

I have included his image below so you can be aware when he visits your post office. This guy is a bully and is rude to people. He also hates black people and is a racist.

His Name: Joseph DeMarco
Home Address
321 Pine St Haworth NJ
Business Address

As usual Fitch will probably deny he’s done this, even though he sent the email to Jason Decanio to brag of his “epic” stunt – YAWN !

Fitch scammer

Remember this is what a troll, stalker, misogynist looks like !

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