The above video is concrete proof that Fitch made a “throwaway” account and purchased a hubcap, didn’t pay, then reported him to eBay.  Fitch has tried to get this video removed from YouTube on numerous occasions, fortunately we have it here too. If you want to learn how this all started for Joe, carry on reading….

How the bullying started for Joe Demarco

How did the bullying, stalking and scamming all start for Joe ? Since the Fox2 report, Fitch is desperately trying to convince people that he did nothing to Joe and all the claims that he reported Joe to eBay and the BBB are complete fabrication and lies.

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The messages below are what he sent to Joe around Q2 2012 (which he denied was him – obviously he now admits he is Fitch – Post the Fox 2 news expose). He admits using stealth, desperate for Joe to give give him shout outs (so he could get some of Joe’s subscribers), ordering Joe to block people etc.

Joe wanted nothing to do with this and him – so he publicly “renounced” him in the video below and as you will see – things went very bad for Joe !

Pay attention to the posts where Fitch is bragging about SCAMMING ON eBAY

All these video’s were downloaded from YouTube in August 2012 (when Fitch uploaded them to YT) – Joe started doing videos about Fitch in early 2013 after months of harassment and bullying of this type.  As you can see folks – Fitch is a compulsive and prolific liar, scammer, bully, thief and stalker – the infamous cyber criminal !

This is Joe describing the events from 2012 when all this hell by Fitch started for him. We STRONGLY urge you to watch the complete video.This is basically a MIRROR of a video that was made by Hubcapjoes back in Feb 13th 2013. We have masked names etc due to the PPO that is ‘currently’ served on Joe.

NOTE ! These original clips were uploaded on Feb 13th 2013 ( The small clip embedded was uploaded June 5th 2012). That “I renounce you” clip enraged Fitch and that is the SPECIFIC time he started trying to ruins Joe’s business, both online AND his brick and mortar business


This is 100% PROOF that hubcapjoes was subject to hostile bids on Ebay by ebay’s “BIGGEST TROLL” . No matter what is said, this is the money shot folks. We have also backed this up with numerous threatening videos, captured, made towards hubcapjoes AKA crazeenydriver.Please use the Full Screen facility when watching this video. 


 Here’s the video where Fitch calls eBay to defame Joe – This one of the many stunts that he is now denying. See the video and screen shot in the next section – this is how he was found out by indirectly bragging to Joe that “I bid on your item and I have reported it” – obviously Fitch has taken all these videos down now.


Here you can see Fitch (who claims that he has done nothing to Joe) purchasing one of Joe’s items on his fake account called danbonetaylor – he openly admits this is his account. Compare his voice with the video above. He is now denying this ever happened on the Washington Times and on his sites etc.

In the image below which has been taken from Fitch’s video – you can see that it’s his eBay “throwaway account” you can just make out the sellers name hubcapjoes to the right of the hubcap picture and Fitch has marked it as PAID. This is what he used to make the complaint to eBay in the video above.


 Another desperate attempt by Fitch to defame and hurt Joe. This time he reported Joe to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Remember this was all done by Fitch months before Joe started fighting back against Fitch, this was a consistent and calculated attack on Joe simply because Joe did not want anything to do with Fitch – this video was put on his ‘moneyforkarenklein’ YouTube account 

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