Fitch Fake Cancer (ebayisajoke)

fitch clefFitch (ebayiajoke) lies about having cancer and thinks it’s funny!!

A short time ago Fitch released a video on his ‘website’ claiming to have cancer and he was dying from the disease since he had refused chemotherapy.

Now, obviously we couldn’t wish this on even Fitch and we all assumed that this was a genuine declaration, however, he also stated that this particular video would be his last and his video caption said “goodbye”, yet a over the next few days he released several videos attacking Joe and Jason, so his revelation seemed dubious.

Not long after the video, he released the video below, claiming that he does not have cancer after all and finds the whole “joke” very amusing. Obviously the sick, twisted creature has no concept of the horror, pain and devastation cancer has on individuals and their families, yet Fitch has used this disease for his amusement and once again sunk into depravity.

We sincerely hope that the police, his “lawyer” and anyone who has had or is suffering from cancer (directly or indirectly) can see this page – the man is an absolute disgrace and clearly has no boundaries in his sick disturbed mind !!


Ed Koon has never made a comment about this outrage, nor has he commented on Fitch creating eBay Stealth accounts.

This thing below is behind the latest sick twisted stunt !!!


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