Victims of Fitch

Fitch has hundred’s of victims, some have fought back, some simply back down and disappear from his radar. Because they were the lucky ones, Fitch will move on to another victim, but that scenario is usually very rare.

Fitch’s continues stalking, bullying and terrorising his victims. This page is dedicated to the victims who have fought against Fitch’s antics and have been strong enough to fight back.

The Victims who fought back publicly

Please watch their stories in the following videos

Brian from the UK’s Story

Jason Paul Decanio’s Story

Spokonzaga Pete Fights Back

Keith Detwiller Fights Back

Calvin X Reponds to Fitch

Visit Joe’s extensive Fitch stalker channel on YouTube

Of course you know about Joe Demarco, he has been fighting back against Fitch for nearly a decade. Joe’s story is a very complex given the length of time he’s been harassed.

Examples of Fitch’s Bullying (We’ll be adding to this section over time)

Fitch stalks a single mom

Fitch dox’s and harasses a college student and his father.

Fitch stalks Scott Hensaw of PayPal.

Fitch wrongly accuses, then threatens and blackmails a young woman from Michigan

Fitch threatens Matt Zolo with bodily harm

Fitch attacks Spokonzaga Peter

Even Ed (doc) Koon (fitch’s only friend) winds up getting bullied after he tells Fitch he wants out. Fitch responds with a tirade of abuse!

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